Avis UK Booking Conditions

Standard Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Booking Terms and Conditions

1.1 This Agreement does not constitute a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services. The Rental Services (the "Rental Services") will be supplied under a separate rental agreement to be entered into with the member of the Avis Rent A Car System who provides the vehicle ("the Local Supplier") and you will be required to enter into this unless you are already an Avis Preferred customer when you pick up your vehicle. You will also be subject to standard Avis conditions as to eligibility to rent including (but not limited to) the possession of a valid driver's licence, the satisfaction of minimum age requirements and arrangements regarding payment of rental charges (including pre-authorised charges and credit checks where applicable) that Avis or the Local Supplier requires. You must fulfil all rental qualifications and requirements at the time of pick-up; it will not be sufficient for you to meet them at the time of reservation. For full details, call the Avis Call Centre or go to our website.

1.2 For Pay Now bookings you are entering into this Agreement with Avis Finance Company Limited (“AFC”) (see Terms & Conditions for Pay Now set out below).

1.3 For Pay At Station bookings you are entering into this Agreement with the Local Supplier (see Terms & Conditions for Pay At Station set out below).

1.4 For Avis Prestige UK bookings you are subject to separate Terms and Conditions than those outlined below. Click here for more information about Avis Prestige Booking Terms and Conditions and Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.

2. Terms and Conditions for Pay Now Bookings

2.1. By ticking the accept button within the booking process you are entering into, and are bound by the terms and conditions of, only this Agreement with AFC. By entering into this Agreement, you are agreeing to purchase a face value voucher ("voucher") from AFC for the amount of the rate quoted by AFC. AFC will issue the voucher and send it to you by email and will book the Rental Services. You may exchange the voucher for the Rental Services with the Local Supplier where you pick up your vehicle on presentation of the voucher.

2.2. You must pay the quoted charges relating to the voucher which on redemption entitles you to the rental services in full at the time you make your booking on the website. The charges will be deducted from your credit, charge or debit card at the time of booking. The voucher will not be issued until payment has been made in full. By entering into this Agreement you expressly authorise AFC to debit your credit, charge or debit card the amount as shown on your voucher and the additional charges (if any) referred to in this Agreement.

2.3. The voucher you have purchased may be exchanged for the rental, inclusive of VAT, of the selected vehicle for the dates you have booked, along with the items specified as being included in the price when you make your booking at the rates quoted to you by us. You can view these items by following the "Your quote includes" link from the "Quote" page.

2.4. All other optional equipment and services (eg special equipment, additional drivers, optional insurances, fuel, additional days) will incur additional charges, which you must pay directly to the Local Supplier either when you pick up or return your vehicle. Additional charges may also be made by the Local Supplier when you pick up your vehicle if you are under the age of 25 (Young Driver Surcharge).

2.5 If you cancel your booking on the same day the reservation is made, no cancellation fee will be applied.

2.6 If you cancel your booking up to 3 days prior to collection you will receive a full refund less £40 / €50 (£80 for vehicles from the Avis Prestige Fleet) which will be applied by way of compensation to AFC.

2.7 If you cancel your reservation within 3 days prior to the rental date shown in your booking, a fixed compensation amount, similar to the average 3 day rental amount will be applied. If you have rented for less than 3 days , the full amount of the voucher will be kept as compensation.

2.8 If you do not collect your vehicle and do not cancel, there is no refund and the full amount of the voucher will be kept as compensation.

2.9 In order to obtain a refund of the amount you have paid for your voucher (where applicable) you must write to the following address requesting the money be refunded.

Avis Budget UK Ltd
Avis Budget House
Park Road
RG12 2EW
United Kingdom


3. Changing Pay Now Bookings

3.1 Subject to availability and the restrictions in clause 3.2 below, you can change your booking up to 24 hours prior to picking up your vehicle via this website or at any time up until the time of the rental by calling the Avis Call Centre on 08445 818 181. Subject to the conditions set out below, you can use your voucher as payment for these alternative services.

3.2 Changes to your booking are subject to the following restrictions:

a) If you change a booking and the charges for the Rental Services are greater than the face value of your voucher, you will be charged the difference at Avis' then-current rates and the additional amount (including any additional taxes) will be payable at the time of modification.
b) If the cost of the changed booking is less than the cost of the face value of the voucher, NO REFUND will be made.

4. Terms and Conditions for Pay At Station Bookings (previously Pay Later / Pay on Return)

4.1 By ticking the accept button within this booking process you are entering into, and are bound by the terms and conditions of, only this Agreement with the Local Supplier. The Rental Services will be the subject of a separate rental agreement to be entered into with the Local Supplier.

If you do not cancel your booking before the reservation date and time shown in your booking and fail to pick up your vehicle within 24 hours from that time, a non-cancellation fee of €50, £40 or 70CHF (depending on the country of rental and exclusive of any applicable VAT) will apply by way of compensation to the Local Supplier.

4.3 Your booking constitutes a guaranteed booking by the Local Supplier as appropriate. In the event that the Local Supplier fails to honour your booking for any reason, the Local Supplier will pay compensation to you.

4.4 In the event that you are charged a non-cancellation fee due to an event of force majeure, including but not limited to, any act of God, terrorism, act of government or state, war, civil commotion, insurrection, embargo, or labour dispute, you shall be entitled to a refund on provision of appropriate evidence to the Local Supplier.

5. Changing Pay At Station Bookings

5.1 Subject to availability, you can change your booking at any time up until the time of the rental (including a change in rental location) via this website or by calling the Avis Call Centre on 08445 818 181.

6. Charges

6.1 Premium Location Fee - Where the Local Supplier operates from locations for which the Local Supplier is charged a fee or surcharge by a third party to provide services to customers at such locations ("Premium Locations"), you acknowledge that you will be charged a "Premium Location Fee" of 16% of the stated booking price.

6.2 EZ Fuel Fee - Where you have driven 75 miles or less, there will be a flat fuel fee of £10.00 plus VAT (regardless of whether the fuel gauge shows the fuel tank as full) unless you can prove the vehicle has been refuelled by providing a refuelling receipt from a petrol station.

6.3 Young Driver Surcharge - In most countries an extra fee will be charged for drivers under 25 years of age. Driver age requirements and surcharge prices are shown during the online booking process. Drivers under the age of 25 are only eligible to rent vehicles in Car Group A (example Peugeot 107), B (example Peugeot 208) or C (example Kia Cee'd).

6.4 London Congestion Charge - The charging hours within the London Congestion Zone are from 7.00AM - 6.00PM, Monday to Friday. Transport for London charge a £10.00 per day fee (VAT exempt) for all vehicles driven within the zone during thes times. The fee must be paid by midnight on the day of travel. Alternatively if paid by midnight the day following the charging day, the fee is £12.00. No charge will be made on weekends, public holidays, between Christmas Day and New Year's Day inclusive, or between 6.00PM and 7.00AM. Transport for London will charge a £130.00 penalty charge (per offence) for failure to purchase a Congestion Charge permit. This fee is reduced to £65.00 if paid within 14 days. An additional admin fee of £25.00 +VAT is payable if Avis handles the Penalty Charge Notice. When hiring a vehicle with Avis, it is your responsibility to pay the Congestion Charge. You will also be liable for any penalty fees. Any unpaid charges and penalties will be recovered from you by Avis. For further information please refer to www.tfl.gov.uk.

6.5 Parking Ticket or Traffic Violation - If a parking ticket or traffic violation occurs during your rental, in most cases you will be contacted directly by the relevant Local Authority to pay the appropriate fine. Avis will notify you if we have had to pay any charges on your behalf and will deduct these from your credit card or account. In either instance, an administration fee of £25 plus VAT will apply.

7. Mandatory Cover

7.1 When you rent a vehicle from Avis, the price you are quoted automatically includes a basic level of cover should you be involved in an accident.

7.2 Mandatory cover is included unless you have prearranged contracted rates. If you have contracted rates please contact your company representative to find out your cover arrangements.

7.3 This basic cover includes: Legal Liability, Third Party and Public Liability Cover, Vehicle Damage Cover (known as Collision Damage Waiver "CDW" or Loss Damage Waiver "LDW") and Vehicle Theft Cover.

8. Vehicle Excess

8.1 If the rental car is damaged or stolen, the mandatory cover will include the cost of repairing and / or replacing the vehicle. However, the renter will have to pay a fixed amount towards the repair / replacement costs. This is known as an excess. This applies regardless of whether you were at fault.

8.2 At the point of collecting the rental vehicle, Avis will hold an amount on the driver's credit / debit card to cover the vehicle excess. These funds will then be released following the end of the rental period. The card will not be charged unless damage or additional charges occur. The time taken for the amount to be accessible on your credit card will depend on the provider. As an average, it should take a minimum of 3 days, although certain providers may take up to 10 days.

8.3 Excess amounts vary by country and will be displayed during the online booking journey. Alternatively, contact the Avis call-centre or local branch for more details.

9. General

9.1 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions reduces your statutory rights relating to a refund.

9.2 Avis Finance Company Ltd ("AFC") or the Local Supplier as appropriate will be responsible for direct losses suffered by you as a result of AFC or the Local Supplier breaching this Agreement where such losses are a foreseeable consequence of the breach in the circumstances of the case. Losses will be foreseeable where they are in AFC or the Local Supplier's and your contemplation at the time the booking is made. AFC or the Local Supplier is not responsible for indirect losses which happen as a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not foreseeable by AFC or the Local Supplier and you (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity).

9.3 Rental of vehicles is at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse rental of vehicles to any person. Avis operates a random security screening system and rental of our vehicles will be conditional upon your successful completion of such check.

9.4 Payment Card(s) - A valid payment card must be produced at the time of vehicle collection. The payment cards accepted are American Express, MasterCard debit and credit cards (excluding prepaid cards and debit cards in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain), Visa debit and credit cards (excluding prepaid cards, Visa Electron cards and debit cards in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain), Diners and Discover cards. Please note, if you have pre-paid your rental with a Visa Electron card, a Prepaid Card, a debit card (where the rental will be in Belgium, Luxembourg or Spain), you will need to provide another valid payment card at the time of vehicle pick up.

Visa   MasterCard   American Express   Diners Card  

Two payment cards will be required to rent vehicles from car groups K, N and M. If two cards are required, the second one MUST be American Express or Diners.

At the time of vehicle pick up, Avis will estimate the rental value and deduct any payments already made and will seek a pre-authorisation from the card issuer for that estimated value plus approximately 95 Euros (GBP £250 in UK only) to cover incidental charges incurred during the rental. At the end of the rental the final rental value will be charged.

For bookings made for a rental in the UK, you must present the payment card used to complete this transaction when collecting your vehicle. If the card is in someone else's name that person must also be present and will be added as an additional driver (an Additional Driver Fee will apply), so he / she will have to bring along their driving licence.

9.5 Driving Licence - You will need a full driving licence that covers the vehicle rented by you. For rentals in the UK, the licence will need to have been held for at least 36 months at the time of rental. For rentals in Ireland, customers must have been eligible to hold a valid driver's licence for 8 years of which 2 must be at a full driver's licence qualification. For rentals in other countries, the licence is typically required for at least one year (please check the terms and conditions of the renting country prior to booking).

The current UK driving licence has two parts - a plastic, credit card-sized photo card licence and a green paper counterpart licence displaying any endorsements. You must bring your original driving licence with you in both parts if it is a new style UK licence. Failure to bring both parts may result in the rental being refused. If one part is missing, an additional form of photo ID will be required to supplement the document, e.g. passport. Expired photo card licences will not be accepted and rental will be refused. If your licence is in non-roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese), you will need the original licence AND an international driving permit.

In the UK, if you have 6 points or below on your UK licence you can still hire from Avis. With more than 6 points or a DD, DR or BA endorsement that is not older than 10 years or if you are renting abroad, please contact the rental station where you want to pick up your car.

9.6 Driver Age - The minimum age to rent with Avis is 17 years old. Please note for rentals in Republic of Ireland there is no minimum rental age requirement.

9.7 Additional Driver(s) - Please be advised that if a second driver is requested, they must also be present when picking up the car, and have their original driving licence. An additional driver fee may be charged.

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