• Continental Cover
Continental Cover

Continental Cover

If you are planning to take your rental car abroad, you will be required to take out our Continental Cover.

Continental Cover provides you with all the necessary documentation to prove insurance cover together with 24 hour breakdown assistance whilst you are overseas.

Please note that we require a minimum of 2 days notice if you wish to take your Avis hire car abroad.

Continental Cover allows Avis vehicles to be driven to the following countries:

AltText Andorra AltText Austria AltText Balearics AltText Belgium
AltText Bulgaria AltText Canary Islands AltText Channel Islands AltText Corsica
AltText Croatia AltText Cyprus* AltText Czech Republic AltText Denmark
AltText Estonia AltText Finland AltText France AltText Germany
AltText Gibraltar AltText Greece AltText Hungary AltText Italy
AltText Latvia AltText Liechtenstein AltText Lithuania AltText Luxembourg
AltText Malta AltText Monaco AltText Netherlands AltText Norway
AltText Poland AltText Portugal AltText Republic of Ireland AltText Romania
AltText San Marino AltText Sardinia AltText Sicily AltText Slovak Republic
AltText Slovenia AltText Spain AltText Sweden AltText Switzerland
AltText Turkey in Europe
plus Üskudar
AltText   AltText   AltText  

* Geographical areas under the control of the Government of Republic of Cyprus

  • Cross border from UK Mainland to Northern Ireland - no need to purchase a continental package.
  • Cross border from UK Mainland to Republic of Ireland - customer must purchase a continental package.
  • Cross border from Northern Ireland to Republic of Ireland - no need to purchase a continental package.

Customers who choose to leave the car on the continent will be subject to charges relating to one way programme outside of the country.


Cover is charged on checkout based on the number of days cover is required

Continental Cover starts from:
AltText Rental Length
AltText Charge
AltText 1 - 7 days
AltText £90.00 incl VAT
(£75.00 excl VAT)
AltText 8 - 14 days
AltText £126.00 incl VAT
(£105.00 excl VAT)
AltText 15 - 21 days
AltText £156.00 incl VAT
(£130.00 excl VAT)
AltText 22 days +
AltText £216.00 incl VAT
(£180.00 excl VAT)

Prices quoted are for rentals collected from "Standard" locations. Rentals from "Premium" locations will be higher. Please check the prices during the booking process.

Please note: cash is not acceptable as a method of payment for rentals going abroad.


Continental Cover is available for purchase from the following pick-up locations:

AltText Aberdeen Airport AltText Belfast Int. Airport AltText Birmingham Airport AltText Bristol Airport
AltText Cardiff Airport AltText Croydon AltText Dover AltText East Midlands Airport
AltText Edinburgh Airport AltText Euston AltText Exeter AltText Gatwick Airport
AltText Glasgow Airport AltText Heathrow Airport T1-4 AltText Heathrow Airport T5 AltText Leeds
AltText London City Airport AltText Luton Airport AltText Maidstone AltText Manchester Airport
AltText Newcastle Airport AltText Oxford AltText Portsmouth AltText Southampton Airport
AltText Staines AltText Stockport AltText Telford AltText Victoria
AltText Waterloo AltText Worcester AltText      AltText     

Having made your reservation online, please contact the pick-up branch to arrange cover ahead of collection.

Please note: that when leaving the UK on a cross border rental, we require a minimum of 2 days notice. The following details are mandatory:

  • Number of people travelling in the vehicle
  • Names of all drivers
  • Countries to be visited

Compulsory Equipment

Please note: we are unable to provide any compulsory vehicle equipment required for driving abroad (e.g. warning triangles, first aid kits, fluorescent jackets, breathalysers** etc) which vary by country.

It is the renter's responsibility to be aware of the legal requirements of the country they are visiting and purchase these items themselves.

Get more information on compulsory equipment from The AA

** Driving in France:
 - Legislation from 03 January 2012 means it is now illegal to be warned about the position of both fixed and mobile speed cameras whilst you are driving in France. Use of satellite navigation devises with this functionality could lead to a fine of up to 1500 EUR. Please be aware that Avis GPS devises contain European maps with speed camera information.
 - Legislation from 01 July 2012 requires every car in France to carry a single use breathalyzer kit. From 1st November 2012, a fine of 11.00 EUR will be charged to anyone not carrying a breathalyzer kit in their vehicle.

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