Booking a hire car

Things you need to know when booking your Avis hire car

At Avis, we understand that booking a vehicle for the first time can be a little overwhelming, this is due to a number of different contributing factors. We would like to make the booking process as transparent as possible, giving you a better understanding of how it works.

A brief explanation will be given for each discussed topic; however, if you would like further information please click on the topic heading.

How to make a booking

We are always trying to make the booking process as easy and accessible as possible. This is why we have a number of different ways by which you can book a hire car.

Booking a hire car

Requirements for booking a hire car

Credit Card

1 Credit Card
A credit card is necessary to book a hire car. However, for our more luxurious vehicles i.e. Mercedes and BMW’s, 2 credit cards will be required.

Age restriction

Age Restriction
The driver needs to be over the age of 17 to rent a vehicle. If the driver is under the age of 25, a young driver surcharge will apply.

Drivers under the age of 25 are only applicable to rent vehicles in car group A (car example: Fiat 500), group B (car example: Volkswagen Polo) or group C (car example: Kia Cee'd).

Things you need to take note of when booking

There are a few things that people can overlook, or take for granted when booking a hire car.

These might cause some issue or concern later in your rental, we have information to for our customers to take note of when booking your rental vehicles in future.

The Car Size & Space available
It is important to make sure you choose the correct car size to avoid any inconvenience during your rental.

We have a range of cars to meet every occasion. From small cars to wiz through the city traffic, through to people carriers and even luxury cars for those all important occasions. At Avis we have it all - we have the information regarding boot space, doors, size of car available on the fleet page.

Consider the car size

Additional Services and Products
At Avis we offer a range of additional products and services. They are designed to make our customers rental, clear, simple, easy and stress free. From our TomTom GPS units and the safety of a child seat, to specific covers that lower your excess, all our products and services are available to add to your rental through the booking journey or when you arrive at the Avis desk.

Products are structured and priced differently in each country, it's always a good idea to take note of how the product works, and how it will be charged. Pricing can be found during your booking process, or see additional products for more information.


What your basic quote includes
To avoid any nasty surprises, we have created a customer focused pricing structure, including all the necessary cover you need to get you on the road with no need to add any additional costs to your quoted price.

Therefore your quote will include:

  • Basic insurance
  • Mandatory charges and taxes
  • The cost of renting the vehicle

Once you reach the Avis rental desk, you will be greeted by an Avis who will help you get on your way and discuss the different covers we offer. Please feel free to ask any questions you have, our rental agents are there to help you select the right products and services for your rental.

You can also purchase products such as GPS, Safety Seats, WiFi (in certain areas), Fuel up Front, Additional Driver and more. 


Booking Tips

The below tips will prove helpful when booking a hire car. Be sure to take a look, and keep them in mind when booking.

Avis Latest Offers, Deals & Promotions 
Avis work hard to get you discounted rates across the world. To recieve the discounts, sign up to our e-newsletters - all new offers will be promoted through this channel first. Or check the latest offers page regularly.

How to claim a discount (AWD)
To claim your discount you need to add the discount code known as an AWD ( you will find it on the offers page or in the Terms and Conditions, so be sure to click on the relative offer. Copy the discount code into the AWD box, get a quote and you will be discounted the amount advertised in the promotion.

We try to pre-populate the AWDs for each offer in the booking panel for your convenience, but make sure it is there before getting a quote!

Booking in advance

Avis have a fluid pricing system, this means that prices change on a regular basis. The best way to benefit from this is to book you car hire in advance. This will ensures you get a good selection of vehicles, as well as a better price for your rental. This proves very helpful during our peak seasons.

We have annual sales each year, try to book during the sale period to bring down the cost of your car rental.


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