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How to Request a Rental Invoice

Need a copy of your rental invoice? Just enter your reservations details in the 'Search and Retrieve' box at the bottom of this page.

Please read the below information before searching to ensure you enter your details correctly - the search criteria varies depending on whether you search by Reservation Number, Rental Agreement Number or Wizard number.
Get a copy of your Avis rental invoice

Search by Reservation number

To search for a rental invoice, please enter your Reservation number (also known as your booking confirmation number). This is a unique booking number provided to you once you’ve completed your booking.

Your Reservation number can be found within your booking confirmation email or your rental agreement document, and can be entered in any of the below formats:

  • 12345678GB9
  • 1234-5678-GB9

Search by Rental Agreement number

Where to find your Rental Agreement Number

A personalised rental agreement number is only generated upon commencement of your rental. This number will be provided on the Rental Agreement document provided to by the rental office, and can be found towards the top of your documentation.

Click here or either of the images to the right to see a full size example copy of our Rental Agreement.

In the example, the Rental Agreement number is marked with a red X.

To search for a rental invoice, please enter the Rental Agreement number:

  • If your rental was in Europe or Africa please add the letter E before the Rental Agreement number eg. E397854159
  • If your rental was in USA or Canada, please add the letter U before the Rental Agreement number eg. U975214597
  • If the rental was in Australia or New Zealand please add the letter P before the Rental Agreement number eg. P369754125

If you search by Rental Agreement number, you will be able to retrieve invoices for rentals completed in the past six months. However if your invoice has been modified more than once, you will only be able to see the latest version.


Search by Wizard number

If you search by Wizard number, you will be able to retrieve the latest version of the invoice for your most recent rental with Avis.


Search and Retrieve

Please Note - You will only be able to retrieve your rental invoice 36 hours+ after completing your rental.

If you have made several attempts to retrieve a copy of your invoice but have not been successful, it could be that the invoice is not yet available or you may not have entered / selected the information correctly. If you have any queries please contact customer service.

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