During the period of air travel disruption across Europe caused by the volcanic cloud, Avis Europe is committed to trying harder to fulfil the travel needs for all customers who have been affected.

On bookings during this period,we will not be charging the non-cancellation fee (normally applicable when customers don’t fulfil their reservations and don’t cancel their booking at least 24 hours prior to pick up) so customers do not need to call us to cancel a reservation.

However if customers wish to cancel or amend their bookings, they can do so online by visiting the modify your booking section of the website.

Also, any pre-paid bookings made for pickup during this period, that cannot be taken as a result of these travel disruptions, will be fully reimbursed. Customers can claim their refunds by emailing the customer service department at customer.service@avis.co.uk

We are also offering one-way car rental for the hire cost plus the normal standard fee in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria – please book directly on this website www.avis.co.uk or call Avis UK on 08445 81 81 81.

Please note our call centres are experiencing a high volume of calls – if you call us we will make sure we answer as soon as we can.

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5 Responses to “IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Air Travel Disruption”

  1. pens parker Says:

    Good to see a company taking a pragmatic approach to the volcano problem and not taking financial advantage. Good on you

  2. Mark Tuma Says:

    The Volcano cost me my vacation and a lot of money. If you can now visit the website for a refund how come I had spend the time to write and spend more money to air mail you a letter requesting reimbursement, as this was your policy 2 days ago. When will I see a refund… Weeks – Months – Years ???
    You need to try harder…
    Mark in California…

  3. Darren Peacock - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark and thank you for your post,

    I am sorry that your travel plans have been affected by the disruption caused by the Volcano ash. Avis are working hard to help customers across Europe who have been stranded to get home.

    I have seen that you are based in the US, if that is the case you should contact Avis in America to request your refund if you had a pre-pay reservation. Although your rental was in the UK, customer service is handled by your country of residence.

    To confirm, all customers who have a pre-pay rental need to contact customer service, in their country of residence, to process the refund.


  4. Kellie Burnworth Says:

    As I have previously reported.I rented an automatic car from your Budget pick up site at L:HR on Oct. 29th 2012 where the agent marked that there was some damage to the left passanger front bumper apon pick up.I myself did not inspect closly as employee already marked paint,etc.. damage. I drove directly to destination withoot incident.I did not use car again until I was returning the car to catch my flight back to the USA. The car was an automatic as requested;however since it was a combo it would roll backwards when at a stop on an incline-which no one informed me of.Since I have only known a manual car to roll if not pressing on brake.MY response was to push break down with left foot as I would a clutch. No one informed me the car would re-act in this unusual manner or that in breaking to avoid an accident the car would freeze up and refuse to move under any conditions.I called your roadside repair service who told me if I was not in a safe place { unable to move stopped dead in a busy motor way} to leave the car and they would call me.I did as your agent instructead.He was able to fix and agency demanded that I keep car since I was now past previously agreed return time.This incident forced me to miss my flight and pay extra to travel the next day along with an extra days rental.Apon return an employee tried to tell me that the bumper was damaged and my fault.That despite the report showing previous damage and the fact that I paid for insurance for the duration of my rental.He said they would have to review it.I had no problem since the damage had already been there or may have occured while left stranded on motorway; and I had purchased insurance.There were no dents.broken lights or anything other than paint scratches on the bumper.
    However I was never asked nor did I give anyone permission to take funds from me before the review as I was not responsible and saw no reason to miss another flight. Your company has removed $2,187.61 from my account without my permission or knowledge. I am only responsible for the $63.12 for the extra rental as I had previously paid for the car before using..I am currently in the process of having my bank pursue fraud charges against you and any and all affiliates of yours. My case# is 11436118 and I would like this ammended immediately before this issue escaltes.
    Please contact me ASAP Kellie Burnworth


    I would warn anyone on any continent to avoid using Budget/Avis as it is poorly managed and frauduently charges and wil unlawfully take money without prior notificaation or authorization. They do not even pay attention to thier own reports proir to rental showing any damage,but will instead try to place it on you.they will tell you to leave vehichle for safety but take no responsibility for it after you do as they told you to.They will ignore your pre-paid insurance and treat you with great disrespect.They not only will take money that was never authorized they will not offer to help or re-imburse you in any way for the trouble they have caused such as a missed flight that you must pay extra for now that they have delayed your departure.

  5. Jordan Says:

    Hello Kellie,
    I’m really sorry you had such a bad experience with us. Could you give me your booking ref as well please? Then I can pass this straight on to be investigated so we can resolve this for you as soon as possible.

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