our approach to talent

Our approach to talent

Our approach is designed to be driven by you, to support and enhance your success from the moment you join us. It is an approach that is used by all parts of the UK business, both in operational and central teams.

Feedback from the word "Go"!

We commit to delivering feedback from your assessment process within the first month of joining your team so as to enable the best possible start to your career with us and setting the tone of our approach to performance management.
our approach to talent

Performance conversations are conducted by managers with all employees every month.

In keeping with our business, our approach has an automotive theme. We believe that everyone is responsible for “driving” their own performance and career!

Planning Your Success with Avis

Experience has shown us that those who plan for success are more likely to achieve it. Your Performance Plan (known as “Programming the SatNav”) is agreed between you and your line manager for the coming year.

This enables the identification of training and development needs and ensures that these are closely aligned to the company goals.

Performance Plans are reviewed through brief monthly “Oil & Water checks” and a more in-depth “Pit Stop” every quarter.

All Performance Plans are reviewed by the Learning & Development team to identify similar themes and synergies between different departments which in turn allows the design and delivery of bespoke training interventions that are both cost effective for the business as well as having a clear return on investment.

At the end of every year a Performance Review (“Annual Service”) is conducted to assess performance against business and personal objectives.

Our approach to talent

Seeing the Road Ahead


We know that our customers’ journey is just as important as reaching their destination and we think our colleagues are just the same when it comes to their careers.

We can’t predict the future but you can help shape yours through using our Career Map and Role Profiles.

These enable you to map your journey so far and possible routes of success going forward.

In all instances, your first contact for more advice and support should be your Line Manager.

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