What we look for from you

What we look for from you...

It goes without saying that the customer is central to what we do. However, for this to happen we need our people to understand not just our business but also themselves. We know that those who are most successful and provide the best support to the team are the ones who seek to raise their understanding of behaviours and their impact.
what we look for

What we look for...
If you are optimistic, enthusiastic and get a kick out of being trusted to get on with the job, get in contact.

We don’t look for…
If you are someone who is pessimistic, distrustful of others motives, like to make sure you have covered yourself in glory whilst leaving everyone else to pick up the work? Please keep it to yourself!

How do we pick the best people?

You will be familiar with the usual interviews that have been the mainstay of job interviews for many years. You may have even had a few exercises to test your skills in some way. You have probably had several visits to a prospective employer before they decide whether to offer you a role. Tiring isn’t it? Did they see you at your best? Was it a good measure of how you would perform in the role? Did it give a real sense of what it might be like to work for them? Who knows!

We like to take a very rigorous approach that ensures we can make a decision on candidates using an assessment approach that usually lasts no longer than half a day.

Our interview process

You can expect a Criteria Based Interview that has been specifically designed around the role you are applying for and will test you against the skills and behaviours needed to be successful in the role.

For more complex roles you can also expect to give a presentation as well as a role play that will test your ability to react under pressure. Don’t worry though. No acting skills are required as the situation will feel very real!


We don’t use trick questions and we don’t try to catch you out. We want to see you at your very best and we take plenty of notes so that we can give detailed feedback.

We want everyone who comes in contact with Avis to have the best possible experience and to be happy to recommend us a place to develop and grow a career.

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