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Car hire in the Caribbean

Dream journeys with a tropical backdrop

A hire car will give you the full picture of whichever palm-fringed Caribbean island you choose to holiday on. From Puerto Rico, experience one of the most spellbinding drives in the region as you wend your way through the Central Mountains in the heart of the island. Due west, on Grand Cayman, drive to snorkelling beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, walking trails and old British colonial towns. In Antigua, there’s a beach for every day of the year. Steer from that day’s sandscape to the English Harbour for a dose of heritage.

Considering car rental in the Dominican Republic, St Kitts or Trinidad?

Leave the turquoise waters and lofty palms along the coast of the Dominican Republic and motor inland to gaze at foreboding peaks. On tiny St Kitts, navigate away from your huge hotel on a daytrip to the vast, slave-built Brimstone Hill Fortress, a UNESCO heritage site. On Trinidad, just off the coast of Venezuela, celebrate Creole culture and, if you’re lucky enough to visit during the carnival, join the sequined and feathered masqueraders parading to a calypso beat.

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