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Avis launches "A List" Blog Awards

Avis launches "A-List" blog awards


Avis UK today announced the launch of its "A-List" Travel and Tourism Blog Awards, which have been created to celebrate the very best in travel blogging. Avis has launched the awards to honour the travel blogger community who help others discover new and exciting destinations across the world, sharing their adventures to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and experience life changing travel moments.

Bloggers can nominate their blogs by visiting the Avis blog and registering for the category they would like to enter. From travel photography, culinary delights and eco-tourism to extreme adventure and walking; the awards cover the full breadth of travel blogger expertise which so many jet setters have come to rely on for their trusted travel information.

Nominations are open now until 31st August 2012. The shortlist, decided by Avis’ team of travel experts, will be announced on the blog on 3rd September 2012. Voting will then open to the general public, who will have until 30th September to nominate their favourites. The winner of each category and overall winner will be announced on 1st October 2012.

Speaking about the new awards, Darren Peacock, Head of Marketing and Intermediaries, Avis Budget UK, said "We are immensely excited and proud to be launching these awards and hope it will bring well-deserved recognition to those bloggers who inspire and excite travellers with their creative and educational content. We look forward to reviewing the shortlisted sites and letting the voting public decide on the overall winners!"


Awards Terms and Conditions:
Bloggers can only nominate their own blog. A blog may only be nominated for one category. URL's of nominated pages and email addresses are required for verification purposes and failure to provide either will result in an unsuccessful nomination. Once nominated, blogs will receive a badge to display on their site. To be eligible to reach the short-list this badge must be displayed on the blog. Nominated blogs can use their social media channels and any other medium they wish to encourage voting.

Awards Categories:
Best Adventure/Extreme Travel Blog, Best Budget Travel Blog, Best Business Travel Blog, Best Consumer Travel Blog, Best Culinary Travel Blog, Best Destination Blog, Best Eco-Travel Blog, Best European Travel Blog, Best Expat Travel Blog, Best Family Travel Blog, Best Flight Travel Blog, Best Group Authored Travel Blog, Best Luxury Travel Blog, Best Road Trip Blog, Best Themed Travel Blog, Best Travel Guide Blog, Best Travel Photography blog, Best Travel Video Blog, Best Walking Blog.