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Response from Avis UK to BBC Watchdog

Response from Avis UK to BBC Watchdog


We sincerely regret that some of your viewers have been disappointed by their experience with us and would like to thank the BBC for bringing this to our attention.

Across our global business, we had over 35 million transactions last year and while it is regrettable, there will inevitably be instances where misunderstandings do occur. When this does happen, we work hard with our customers to ensure they understand how the process works, and to resolve any such misunderstandings that may arise. We also work with our people to ensure we can make continuous improvements to the service we offer. We have already completed a comprehensive review of our websites, terms and conditions, policies and other sources of information and how we communicate these to our customers. A number of actions have been put in place to streamline and provide more clarity to the process of car rental from start to finish and we continue to work on this.

Avis is always happy to hear from our customers and those highlighted by Watchdog were contacted separately to discuss their concerns. However, following the Watchdog programme, we will be re-examining each case.

As a leader in car rental, we want to set the standard in customer service. We thank all our customers and Watchdog viewers for their feedback and pledge to use it to drive positive changes in our business so that each and every car rental is an outstanding experience.

Customers who require further information on this subject can contact the Avis Customer Service team on freephone 0808 284 9454.