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Got an event coming up? Be the first in line when you rent with Avis.

Are you organising a minibreak for some great food, art, music or sport? We'll help you make the most of it ... read on for why.

Travel like a VIP and have your car or van delivered to your driveway

Renting a vehicle has never been easier, faster or more rewarding.

Weekends away are a rare treat and so must be enjoyed to the full. Here’s some tips on how to get the best possible service when hiring a vehicle from Avis:

First, sign up to our loyalty programme, Avis Preferred. It’s free to join and takes very little time. The car you book today will count towards free weekend car hire and car-group upgrades from this time forth. When you collect your car, you'll be first in line on a dedicated fast lane. And when you make your next booking it will take seconds because all your details will be securely saved to your account.

We keep mentioning cars, but did you know we also rent vans? Depending on the amount of equipment you need to haul, choose between our small, medium and large vans. Guarantee speed of service and become our priority during your van rental by signing up to Avis Preferred.

Whatever vehicle you opt for, even more time can be saved by opting for Delivery and Collection. A weekend renter like yourself might ask us to drop your car off first thing Saturday morning to your driveway. 

All our hire cars and vans are less than eight months' old and in great condition, so you will travel to your event in comfort and style. And if we’re collecting your vehicle, you don’t have to race back on Sunday. So sit back, relax and we’ll pick it up as soon as you’re done.
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