About Our Films

To create the films in this guide to Barcelona, we’ve collaborated with the wonderful travel writer Ben Holbrook, currently living in the city, and talented director Claudia Mallart, originally from the city. They’ve been able to give a true local flavour to the guide and know the perfect local spots, which we’ve captured here, inside-out.

Having previously directed music videos for Jamie XX and Sigur Ros, Claudia’s an expert in delivering style and substance in her work. This skill came in very handy when shooting the top hang-outs in Barcelona – from the style of Holala! vintage store, through the buzz of Syra Coffee, and on to the culinary delights of La Monroe’s tapas bar.

Claudia sets the Barcelona scene in Ben’s intro video. With the scene set, the video journey really opens Barcelona up to the public by visually diving into the local culture and, importantly, meeting the local heroes who make the city such an inspiring place to visit and live in.