Barcelona is home to a mouthwatering 9,082 restaurants.
Did you know 21 of them are Michelin-Starred?
The Eiffel Tower
Was originally designed to grace Barcelona's skyline.
But Spain spurned the project, fearing the landmark would become an eyesore.
Portal de l’Angel
Is where you'll find Barcelona's bustling shopping hub.
3,500 people stroll down here every hour, on average, allowing it to claim the crown as the most crowded street in Spain.
World-famous painters have a long history of living in Barcelona.
Picasso, Joan Miro, Dali and Tabara, to name but a few, have called Barcelona home.
Barcelona's abundant parkland is split into 68 parks covering 10 percent of the city.
On the hill majestically overlooking the harbour and covering more than 500 acres, Montjuïc is the largest park in Spain.
The story of this staple Spanish dish comes from the word 'tapa' meaning cover.
Tapas, as we know it now, started off as slices of cheese and other food used to cover drinks which kept flies and mosquitoes out.
Valentine’s day
Is celebrated in style here as the St. George's day festival with books and roses shared between loved ones.
Inspired by this Catalonian tradition, UNESCO named April 23rd as the International Day of Books.