Picking up a hire car

What you need to know when picking up your vehicle

It is important to know what to do, and where to go, before your rental begins. This will ensure picking up your vehicle will be quick and simple, getting you out on the road with ease.

What you need to present when picking up your vehicle

The below checklist contains the important documentation which need to be presented when collecting an Avis vehicle.

Please bring the below along with you to avoid any delays.
Credit Card

Credit Card - A credit card is necessary to collect your hire car. This needs to be in the lead drivers name, and must be the same credit card which was used to book the vehicle. Please note that for our more luxurious vehicles i.e. Mercedes and BMW’s, 2 credit cards will be required.

Valid Driving Licence

Valid Driving Licence - The driver's licence must have been held for at least 36 months. If you have a UK licence, you will need to provide your drivers photo card as well as your paper counterpart at the rental desk.

Reservation number

Reservation number - To make the process a little faster, please ensure you bring your reservation number along when collecting your vehicle. Your reservation number will be located on your booking confirmation.

Additional driver

Additional driver - If you have already booked, or would like to add an additional driver to the rental, the additional driver(s) must be present upon vehicle collection and be in the possession of a valid drivers licence.

Things to take note of when picking up your vehicle.

Each location works a little differently, so it’s always good to be adequately informed before picking up your hire car.

This will ensure your time spent at an Avis branch is as stress free as possible.

Listed below are some of the more important things to know when picking up your vehicle.

Picking up a hire car

1 - The Avis Branch
It is important to know where the Avis branch is located, what the opening times are and how it works. Processes for each branch may differ due to geographical location, size and type of branch.

For example, some airports will have a shuttle bus transfer to the car hire branches, whereas others will be within the airport car park. Please search for your Avis location or follow the links on our branches page to find information like maps, directions, contact information, opening hours and more.


2 - Checking for Damage
It is important to check for damage before climbing into the vehicle. Compare any findings with the rental agreement form which will have the current damage noted on it.

If you find any discrepancies, please make an Avis staff member aware of this before you leave the location. This will ensure you do not get charged for damage you have not caused.

3 - Credit Card Authorisation  - Amount held
When you pick up a hire car, you agree to an insurance excess. This amount is stipulated by the level of insurance you agree to when renting an Avis vehicle. To ensure you have sufficient funds on your card should the vehicle return with damage, this excess amount will be held on your credit card for the duration of your rental.

If the vehicle has been brought back without being damage, the amount will be released. The time taken for the amount to be accessible on your credit card will depend on the provider. As an average, it should take a minimum of 3 days, although certain providers may take up to 10 days.


4 - Additional Cover
We have a number of insurance products which have been designed to provide additional cover during your rental, including reducing your excess or providing extra personal cover. There is no better feeling than the peace of mind knowing you have it all covered. See Additional Cover for more details.


5 - Additional Products
Additional Products are optional extras which can be added to your rental when you arrive at the Avis branch. This can consist of anything from a GPS to Additional Cover.

Please be aware that if you request one of these products, it will be charged on top of your original quoted price. You will be asked to initial next to the product on your rental agreement, thereby accepting the charge.

Top tips

Join Avis Preferred - Loyalty Program
If you sign up to our Preferred Service you will receive a few additional benefits when picking up your vehicle. One of these will be our 3 minute promise.

This is where we will get you your keys within 3 minutes, If it takes longer than 3 minutes, we’ll give you a £20 John Lewis voucher.

Windscreen protection

This is not included in your quoted rate. If you would like the peace of mind knowing that you have this covered be sure to ask one of the rental agents for more information. 

Prepaid fuel
We offer a prepaid fuel service. This is where you can prepay for a tank of fuel and receive a reduced price per litre. This option is only beneficial if you return the tank empty.

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