Want to drive your date wild? Then roll up in a post motor...

... but steer clear of fake tan, being overly preened and talking about your ex, says Avis research


New research from Avis shows that if men really want to rev-up a woman’s engine on a first date, they should hire a posh car to make the ultimate entrance.

The study undertaken to mark the launch of the new Select Series range, revealed that two in five women (39%) think turning up for a date in a flash motor makes a good first impression, ensures a man stands out from the dating crowd (12%) and gives them instant sex appeal (8%), making them more attractive from the outset.

Top cars guaranteed to get the female pulse racing include an Aston Martin (20%), Lamborghini (11%), Porsche (10%), Ferrari (9%), Audi (6%) and Mercedes-Benz (8%). One in ten men (10%) even admit they’d hire a flash set of wheels for a first date to put them firmly ahead of the competition and 10% would doctor their online dating profile by posing for a picture next to a high-end car to increase female attention.

In fact, latest sales data for Avis highlights a 409% increase over the last two years* of posh hires from its premium Select Series range, as men try to boost their dating credentials.

Men opting for a premium car can be reassured they’ll be giving out all the right signals, including giving the impression they’re a high earner (36%), with a high powered job (20%) and in possession of keys to a posh property (9%).

Daring to pick up your date in your regular set of wheels? The devil is in the detail, women admit that an indistinguishable car pong (78%), distasteful car modifications (43%), poor music choice (20%), comedy air fresheners (18%) and a dirty interior (67%) are all massive turn-offs.

Be warned though boys, there’s a fine balance to be struck when it comes to the dating game. Whereas a flash car can hit the mark, teaming this with an equally flashy appearance could be a major turn off. Over half of women admit sporting a fake tan (52%) is an absolute ‘no go’ and looking overly dressed or preened to perfection (27%) could also send the opposite sex running.

Overtly ostentatious gestures including securing a table at a top restaurant (3%) or tickets to a VIP gig or show (2%) also fail to impress the ladies. They’re at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to attributes women consider important.

Bad on-date behaviour could also have disastrous consequences for any potential male suitor, blowing a second rendezvous out of the water (33%), causing a date to be cancelled on the spot (10%) or cutting it short through an onset of sickness (8%). Topping women’s pet hates include:

  • Lack of manners (79%)
  • Taking too many calls / replying to too many texts (79%)
  • Talking about an ex (75%)
  • Turning up late (67%)
  • Talking about themselves too much (58%)

Jo Hemmings, relationship psychologist, comments: "What’s clear from this research is that women are still impressed by a man who can make a real jaw dropping arrival. They love the romance of being chauffeured to their dating destination in a beautiful car but with the proviso that the man behind the wheel can get the balance right between flashing the cash and flexing a friendly down-to-earth personality. Men who can get that first impression spot on, whilst mastering the dating basics, are definitely onto a winning formula, putting themselves firmly ahead of the competition."

For those wanting to move their date up a gear, the rules are simple:

  • Be prepared to stump up the cash to pay for the evening (27%)
  • Swot up on how to be chivalrous (67%)
  • Crack a well timed joke (79%)
  • Exude a nice personality (87%)

Kaye Ceille, Managing Director, Avis Budget UK comments: "Our research shows that when it comes to dating there’s still a definite need to make the right first impression, with the age-old technique of attracting a woman with a high-performance set of wheels still leading to increased success on the romance front. With a range of exclusive vehicles now available to hire for such important occasions, we hope we can help more lonely hearts come together to secure their perfect match".

Hiring on the cheap:
Daters wanting to make the ultimate first impression can borrow head-turning cars with a day’s hire from
Avis’ Select Series costing as little as £33 per day**:

  • Audi A1 Hire from: £34 per day
  • Audi 5 Hire from: £71 per day
  • Peugeot RCZ GT  Hire from: £41 per day
  • New Mercedes Benz A-Class Hire from: £36 per day
  • Peugeot 308cc  Hire from: £36 per day

The Avis Select Series offers customers a guaranteed make and model of car, and vehicle profiles can be viewed online prior to booking at or by calling 0844 581 8181. The new Avis Select Series includes the Audi A1 Sportback S line, Audi A5 Sportback SE, new Mercedes Benz A-Class SE, Peugeot RCZ GT and Peugeot 308cc.

Regional snapshot:

Most impressed by a date turning up in a flash motor:

Most willing to spice up their online dating profile by posing next to a posh motor:

Most likely to hire a flash set of wheels for a first date:


Notes to editors
Research was undertaken by OnePoll with 2,000 British adults in April 2013.
*Increase refers to January 2011 vs. January 2013
**Prices based on a week’s car hire from central London on 10th – 17th June 2013 and were correct as of 17th May 2013.

For more information, please contact the Avis Press Office:
0207 025 6666 /

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