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Car hire in Asia


Touch down in a beach-clad haven, hurtle off to serene islands and discover temperate hill stations. Asia awaits.

Car hire in Australia-Pacific

Australia Pacific

Australia is a dream backdrop for a driving holiday, while the rural tracks of New Zealand are a motorist's paradise.

Car hire in Europe


Motor off the beaten highway to postcard villages, scoot around ancient cities … Europe has it all.  

Car hire in the Caribbean


A hire car will give you the full picture of whichever palm-fringed island you choose to holiday on. 

Car hire in Latin America

Latin America

From the coastal bliss of Central America to spirited South America, navigate picture-perfect routes.

Car hire in the United States and Canada

United States and Canada

Home to some of the most iconic drives on the planet, hire car road trips don’t get much better than in North America.

Car hire in Africa


A self-drive hire car journey in the second-largest continent is a rewarding experience for the intrepid traveller.

Car hire in the Middle East

Middle East

Mountains, deserts, caves, coastal roads, ancient cities … there’s much to uncover in the Middle East.

Avis Great Drives

Driving Guides

Discover our batch of handy guides to help you prepare for your next memorable car hire road trip. 

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