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There's no better way to see the USA and Canada than by car

Home to some of the most iconic drives on the planet, the car is an essential component of life in North America. But don't expect to cover anywhere near all of it: there's over 2,500 miles to cover between Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, a 40-hour drive. In the U.S. the distance from New York's Lady Liberty to Los Angeles' "Hollywood" sign is similar, and it's the same again to the beaches of Hawaii.

That journey would lead you down endless highways, like desert-thoroughfare Route 66, before hitting the rugged crags of the Grand Canyon. Head northeast from New York and face the cascades of Niagara Falls on the Canadian border. On the opposite Lake Ontario shore, clean and charismatic Toronto is but a half-day’s jaunt west to the grand architecture of Ottawa and French-flavoured Montreal.