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Car hire in the Middle East

A self-drive tour through the Middle East will be a truly rewarding experience for the intrepid traveller. Take Jordan: from Amman, drive to the ancient Rose City of Petra and from there to Wadi Rum, home to the semi-nomadic Bedouin. Drive on and you’ll get to the lowest point on Earth – the Dead Sea.

In Oman, with its excellent road network, spend some epic days exploring the mountains, deserts and cave complexes outside Muscat. The coastal road back to the capital passes by an ancient city visited by Marco Polo.

Uncover the United Arab Emirates

The “wadi bashing” can continue in the United Arab Emirates. Carve up magnificently maintained highways and discover the lavish mosques and rich heritage of Sharjah, the souks of Dubai and the deep-in-the-desert tented lodges and fortress hotels of Dubai and neighbouring Abu Dhabi. Allow time for camel rides, bouts of falconry and off-road jeep action amongst the sun soaked dunes. Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Desert is one of the largest uninterrupted sand deserts in the world. Plough through it at speed and at ease with Avis.

Explore Israel

Israel is an easy country to cover on a road trip. Drive from northern Tel Aviv to Eilat in the south in just 3.5 hours (and explore Herod’s palace while you’re there). Most of the action is closer to the capital: cruise north to Bethlehem or east to historic Jerusalem. Continue on for a wallow in the world’s most famous salt lake, the Dead Sea.

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