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Car hire in Africa

There's no better way to see Africa than by car

A self-drive journey in Africa is always a rewarding experience for the intrepid traveller. There’s much to discover: purr through a Moroccan medina; crawl past the Egyptian pyramids; beach-out in Mauritius, the Seychelles or along Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coastline. Take a game drive in Nairobi National Park or scout the vast game parks in Botswana. Drift through the endless wine valleys of South Africa's Western Cape.

There's always somewhere new to explore in the world’s second-largest continent. Where would you like to meet us to begin your journey?

Scroll down to discover our top Africa car rental locations and pinpoint the best spot to collect and return your hire car. Alternatively, click the button below to let us know where and when you'd like begin your journey.

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