Additional Services - Disability Hand Controls

Disability Hand Controls

At Avis, we aim to ensure car hire is accessible to everyone. That is why we offer hand controls for disabled drivers in the UK, free of charge.

Including hand operated brake and accelerator controls and a steering ball, call us to request yours today.

How to Book Hand Controls

To book a UK hire car with hand controls, call 0844 581 0147.

Please note that hand controls are only available upon request and require at least 2 working days notice before the beginning of the rental.
Book hand controls via the Avis call centre  

About hand controls

The hand controls which are to be installed into the vehicle are, 'Lynx hand controls' - this control adapts the brake and the accelerator pedal of an automatic car to hand operation. It is used by drivers with a lower limb disability but also with normal upper body function including hand and finger dexterity. Included with the fitting of the hand controls is a steering ball (steering wheel aid) which is compatible for use with cars fitted with drivers airbag.

Please note that these controls are only suitable for vehicles with automatic transmission.
  • Hand controls are available at no extra charge, but are only available upon request.
  • Avis require at least 2 working days notice.
  • If appropriate, please bear in mind wheelchair stowage.
  • A larger category of vehicle may be more appropriate for your needs.
  • Please ensure you select an Automatic car when booking.
  • Panoramic mirrors are also available on request.
Avis are there to help the disabled driver.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that 48 working hours notice is required for the acceptance of an order for fitting and hire of hand controls.
  • The controls will be fitted by Lynx at the rental location. In most cases the Lynx fitter will be in attendance for the hand over procedure. If the renter is unfamiliar with how to use the controls, in most cases the Lynx fitter will be on hand to explain their use and (if needed) will take the renter on a short test drive.
  • If the Lynx fitter is concerned as to the renter's ability to use the controls, Avis reserve the right to abort the rental.


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