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Introducing the BMW 4 Series M Sport

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Athletic, softly spoken and seriously good looking, the BMW 4-Series offers a dream ticket for long jaunts on the motorway or short whisks along country roads.

The M Sport model adds high-energy driving dynamics and finely tuned
handling to the mix, with electronically controlled dampers that adjust to your driving style and road conditions.

To get behind the wheel of the 4-Series, find your nearest Select Series location (listed below) and set a date.

Hire a BMW 4 Series M Sport

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You'll soon get behind the wheel of the:

 - BMW 4 Series 420d M Sport
 - BMW 4 Series 420i M Sport

    4 Seats     2 Bags     2 Doors
    Automatic     Mixed     Air Con

Though the make and model are guaranteed, the engine size and fuel type may vary.
To guarantee the make and model, reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance.
Our standard Terms and Conditions apply.
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