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Avis Car Rental in Rome, Italy.
Avis Car Rental in Rome, Italy. See the photogenic sights of the Eternal City with your own eyes with an Avis car rental.

Some call it the most romantic city in the world. Others just come for the pizza and gelato. Either way, you’re also centrally placed for exploring the rest of the country.

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Popular Avis Rental Stations in Rome

Below, are links to popular Avis rental locations throughout Rome. We have listed the most searched locations for you convenience. Follow the links below for more bespoke information about each location, including directions, map, opening times, contact information and more.

Things to see and do in historic Rome with Avis

The Colosseum

A visit to the Colosseum is a must. This epic arena dates back to 72 CE, when it seated up to 50,000 hungry spectators. Just being there is enough to conjure up visions of the bloody, gruesome battles that were fought by the gladiators – usually slaves, prisoners of war or condemned criminals.

Continue your journey through the remains of the city via the Forum, the Domus Aurea and the Pantheon.

The Vatican

If you’re around the Vatican on a Wednesday morning, you might want to take the chance to enjoy an audience with the Pope. Not a private one, mind. You’ll have to share his attention with the hordes of devotees and tourists.

St Peter’s Basilica itself is enough of a reason to be here though. Who could resist Michelangelo's stunning frescos at the Sistine Chapel?

Trevi Fountain

Already dreaming of coming back? Throwing your spare coins in the Trevi Fountain is said to guarantee that you will return one day.

This gorgeous fountain is tucked away in a tiny piazza, but you won’t have any trouble finding it – just follow the crowds. It’s not far from the Spanish steps and particularly beautiful at night.

Villa Borghese

If all this culture and history starts to get a little too much, retreat to the gardens of the Villa Borghese, perfect for a picnic lunch or a nap under a tree. The orangery is also home to a contemporary art museum, the Museo Carlo Bilotti. 

Roman Delicacies

Give your visit a culinary twist with an authentic Roman pizza – thin-crust and baked in a wood-fired oven. You’ll also notice that there is ice cream for sale on almost every corner.

With so many flavours to sample, you’d be wise to start as soon as you arrive. Purists even refuse to contaminate the flavours with a cone, insisting on tubs only. 
Get out and explore in your Avis car rental


Just 25 miles east of the capital lies the ancient city now known as Tivoli. Home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, this is where the people of Ancient Rome used to come for their holidays. The Emperor Hadrian’s villa is just out of the town centre, set in vast gardens adorned with many a pool and statue.

The Renaissance brought a second wave of construction. The Villa d'Este, off the central piazza, is just one of the villas built during the 16th century as a country retreat. It is notable for its steep garden and magical fountains.


Another great day out is to the Benedictine monasteries of Subiaco, just an hour’s drive from Rome. Saint Benedict himself was a hermit and lived in a cave carved out of the mountainside here.

The remains still exist and can be seen during a visit to the upper monastery. Next, head onwards and upwards to the mountaintop fortified village of Fumone. Seek out a mediaeval tavern in the narrow cobblestone lanes for some delicious handmade pasta. 


It will take you around three hours to drive to Florence, a city you won’t want to miss. Gaze up at the Duomo; climb to the piazza Michelangelo; admire the David at the Accademia; cross the Ponte Vecchio; visit the Medici chapels at San Lorenzo… the list is endless. 


In the opposite direction, Naples is just over two hours away by car. It has a wonderful archaeological museum and is the home of what many Italians consider to be the only authentic pizza.


Pompeii, however, is the reason a lot of people visit the area. The preserved ruins of the city obliterated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago are just 30 minutes from the centre of Naples.    
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