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Rome is a world-class city, boasting many must-see attractions. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites and incredible museums and art galleries, to fine restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, your time in Rome is guaranteed to be memorable.

With an Avis car hired at Rome Termini Central Train Station, you’re ready to start the ultimate road trip.


Plan your journey from Rome Termini Central Train Station

No trip to Rome is complete without taking in the city’s oldest sights. Start with breathtaking Roman monuments such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Pantheon and Palatine Hill. These iconic landmarks are very well preserved and provide a fascinating insight into ancient Roman life.

With a myriad of museums and art galleries to choose from, the energetic city is rich with culture. The Vatican Museums are an absolute must-see. Housed within Vatican City, these attractions feature some of the best classical sculptures and renaissance art works in the world. Don’t miss visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace to see the famous painted ceiling by Michelangelo.

There are plenty of contemporary galleries to visit too, including the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts.

Taking in the grand atmosphere of Rome’s piazzas is another must. These squares are overflowing with amazing architecture. The Piazza di Spagna is home to the Spanish Steps – an 18th century monumental stairway leading up from the Barcaccia Fountain. The Piazza di Trevi is dominated by the Trevi Fountain, which legend has it ensures you will return to Rome one day if you throw a coin into it.

It’s easy to make the most of Rome and its scenic surrounds with an Avis hire car.

Beyond Rome

Accelerate beyond the hustle and bustle of Rome and you’ll be treated to beautiful countryside and quaint Italian towns. The road seems endless.


One of the most popular day trips from Rome, a visit to the ruins of Pompeii is a must if you can spare the time.

Located near Naples, around a two-hour drive from Rome, exploring the ancient city of Pompeii is a haunting experience. Completely destroyed when Mount Vesuvius violently erupted in AD 79, this archaeological marvel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each year millions of people visit the ghostly city.

Cerveteri and Tarquinia

Drive for around 60 and 90 minutes from Rome and you’ll reach Cerveteri and Tarquinia – areas famous for their Etruscan tombs. These destinations are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites and feature thousands of different types of tombs cut into the rocks. Some date all the way back to 7 BC.

Of particular interest is the Necropolis of Monterozzi in Tarquinia, which contains around 6,000 graves – many painted with wall frescoes, providing a rich insight into ancient life.

An Avis rental car sets you free to explore all this and more, effortlessly. Just collect the keys and accelerate away.