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Prestige car hire in the UK and Europe

Treat yourself to an extraordinary drive

Avis Prestige presents the most desirable cars on the road, chosen for their reputation and status. Find a luxury vehicle to commandeer for every occasion – from a high-calibre executive Jaguar and classic Porsche, to a sleek Mercedes for a road trip with high style.

In the UK, choose from our luxury range of sports, executive and 4x4 vehicles – all carefully selected and prepared to ensure the perfect drive. Or hire a Prestige car in Germany, Spain and France.

Drive Prestige in the UK
Prestige car hire in the UK
Prestige car hire in Germany

Prestige car hire in Germany

Navigate Germany in high performance mode. From classic Porsches to luxury BMWs and Mercedes, expect nothing less from world-leading manufacturers.

Prestige car hire in Spain

Avis Prestige Spain

Explore the scorching terrains of Spain at your leisure. With sporty Porsches and more high-spec models to decide on, it isn’t a question of how – but when.

Prestige car hire in France

Avis Prestige France

Purr alongside southern sunflower fields in a Mini Roadster or coast the Cote d’Azur in a convertible Porsche. The choice is yours ... so is the open road.

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