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Visit the Carribean with Avis

The Caribbean is made up of the Carribean Sea and it's surrounding islands.

It is located between North America and South America and to the right of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Caribbean actually consists of over 7,000 islands, refs and cays.

Popular Carribean Rental Countries


Carribean Information

The Carribean  hold many different languages depending on where you travel. Each Island has it's own culture, heritage and history. The three main langauages are English, Spanish and French Patois.

There are many beautiful Islands and locations to go to and experience, some of the most popular cities and towns when visiting are;

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - 2,799,600
Port-au-Prince, Haiti - 1,728,100
Kingston, Jamaica - 925,000
Santiago, Dominican Republic - 458,000

The Outer Region

There are many amazing countries that border the Caribbean and it's sea, their cays, inlets, islands and inhabited reefs stretch off of their immediate coastline into Carribean waters and are considered as part of the region.


Carribean Weather

The Caribbean is mostly a sunny and warm, tropical climate throughout the year.

Usual temperatures for this region are around 27°C (80°F). Very few places in the Caribbean experience high temperatures above 38°C (100°F).

During the winter months temperature can fall to an average of 15°C (60°F).

Rainfull usually occurs between May to October, with November to April the dry part of the year. Tropical showers and a daily experience though.

Is the Carribean not for you?

Avis is located in over 160 countries, so take a look at some more popular car rental destinations:

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