American Road Regulations

Road Rules of the United States of America


We have put together some key American Road Rules to help awareness of different driving laws in foriegn countries.

These rules are to be used as a guide, please be aware that rules are subject to change and are correct as of November 2012. Please ask your Avis representative if any queries arise.

Please ask your Avis representative about toll charges and road charges before leaving the Avis car hire location and whether snow tyres or chains are needed.

Take a look at our USA location page for ideas, travelling tips and booking information.

Which Side of the Road?

AltText In the USA, please drive on the RIGHT side of the road.

Unique Country Driving Laws

  • Do not use mobile phone to call or text while driving.
  • On Roundabouts (Traffic Circles or Rottary), drivers to the left have right of way.
  • America is full of Toll Roads, also known as Turnpikes. Keep lots of spare change in your car as only some booths accept Debit and Credit cards.
  • Do not overtake school buses.
  • Please be aware you may turn right at lights (in some States, when shown by signs).
  • If pulled over by Police, do not exit your vehicle. Turn the ignition off and sit patiently with your hands visible.

Speed Limits


Each State will have its own speed regulations to abide by, please use this as a guide to road speeds, not the actual State traffic speed limits:

  • Urban areas: 20 - 35 mph
  • School Zone: 10 - 20 mph
  • 2 lane Highway: 55 - 65 mph 
  • Motorways: 65 - 70 mph

Please be aware of changing speeds indicated by road signs.

Child Safety / Seatbelt Laws


It is compulsory for all inside the vehicle to be wearing a seatbelt, you will be fined.

  • Each State has its own rules and regulations about child seats and seatbelt laws. Please ask your Avis representative to help fit your child with the correct child seat.

Compulsory Equipment in your Avis rental car

There is no compulsory equipment needed in the USA. Please take a look at what equipment and services we offer.

Please ask your Avis representative whether snow tyres are compulsory or needed for your hire car when you arrive.

Emergency Services

AltText Police: 911 AltText Ambulance: 911 AltText Fire Department: 911 AltText Travel Info: 511

Other Countries Road Rules


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