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Create your own safari in the Rainbow Nation

Multicultural, multilingual and with a multitude of natural wonders, South Africa is the Rainbow Nation in more ways than one.

Explore it all, from the wine valleys of the Western Cape to the safari trails of the veld, with the comfort and freedom of Avis car hire.

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Avis car rental service

Combine stunning landscapes with an excellent road network and there really is only one way to travel. You’ll find Avis car hire locations all around the country, at all major airports, in city centres and a number of larger towns.

The choice of vehicles is equally wide, from urban runabouts and luxury saloons to pick-up trucks and SUVs. As well as Avis Preferred and out-of-hours return, you’ll find child seats, satellite navigation and hand controls as optional car rental extras.

The four corners of South Africa

Western Cape

The original gateway to the country and now its signature city, Cape Town encapsulates much of what South Africa is all about. The dramatic natural beauty of Table Mountain overlooks a vibrant and varied mix of cultures with a lust for life and fun. Just offshore stands Robben Island, a silent reminder of a more racially segregated past.

Spreading northeast are the Western Cape winelands, the oldest wine-producing region outside Europe. There are numerous wine routes to help you explore the dramatic mountains, fertile valleys and picturesque Cape-Dutch villages. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and some excellent terroir, the Western Cape is a gourmet paradise in every respect. Don’t miss the annual Stellenbosch wine festival.

On the southern coast is one of the world’s legendary road trips: the 125 mile Garden Route from Mossel Bay to Storms River. The alternative route to the Eastern Cape is the inland Route 62, the longest wine route in the world.

Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal

The Eastern Cape is often bypassed en route to KwaZulu-Natal. Therein lies its charm. Here you can still find traditional Xhosa villages as well as 620 miles of untouched, temperate coastline. In the northwest, explore the desolate beauty of the semi-desert Karoo.

Along the northern border is the Great Escarpment, the natural frontier that separates the interior from the coastal plain. Take the Maloti Drakensberg Route along the border with Lesotho for spectacular mountain scenery and some fascinating ancient rock art.

Heading northeast into KwaZulu-Natal, you’ll find a subtropical climate that’s always warm and pleasant. Packed with wildlife, beaches and a very African vibe, it’s a popular destination among South Africans. The region’s major city, the irrepressible Durban, is the only real rival to Cape Town. The Durban International Film Festival takes place in the summer and showcases international films and documentaries. Travel north to the Elephant Coast for more unspoilt shores, teeming wildlife and traditional Zulu culture.

Northern Cape

The country’s largest province, covering more than one third of its land mass, is a desert and semi-desert region. Arid, austere and well off the beaten track, it can also surprise with its dramatic beauty, varied wildlife and seasonal flashes of colour.

One of many nature reserves in the Northern Cape, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is one of the world’s truly unspoilt ecosystems. The park gives sanctuary to many different species, including the rare black-maned lion of the Kalahari. You can also experience brilliant night skies and the endless silence of the desert.

The provincial capital, Kimberley, is famous for its diamonds. It also sparkles in the history stakes with its living museum of mining. A more poignant monument to the diamond industry is the famous ‘Big Hole’, the world’s largest hand-dug chasm.

The Veld

Covering much of the northeast, the ‘veld’ (Afrikaans for ‘field’) is a broad plateau that’s bounded to the south by the Great Escarpment. The ‘Highveld’ segment, at around 2000 metres, has a dry and stable climate, vast swathes of grassland, and is home to the famous springbok.

North of the Highveld is the ‘Lowveld’ region, which is hotter and generally less cultivated. Spanning the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, it is home to many big game animals, including elephants, rhinos, zebras, wildebeest and hippos.

Combine your safari with some spectacular scenery by heading northeast from Johannesburg, the country’s financial capital, to the aptly named Panorama Route. As you wind your way through the Drakensberg, en route to Kruger National Park, enjoy stunning views along the Blyde River Canyon and a glimpse of paradise from ‘God’s Window’.

Safe Driving in South Africa

For many new visitors driving an unfamiliar vehicle on unfamiliar roads could be a challenge. When travelling to South Africa, the tips below will help you stay safe.

South African roads carry close to 10 million vehicles and while the major highways have recently undergone major renovations, some will still have a fair amount of potholes, therefore caution is needed when driving.An inadvertent encounter with a pothole could cause serious damage to the vehicle and in all likelihood a flat tyre.

While the probability of an incident is very slim, we encourage customers to use “common sense” applied when driving: steer clear of late night driving in central major cities, be alert when stopped at traffic lights, do not leave valuables and hand bags in view of pedestrians and street hawkers etc.


Driving in South Africa

In order to  make your journey easier, Avis kiosks provide easy reference maps / touring atlases that cover many of the journeys to be undertaken from airports to the country areas and cities in South Africa.

Please take note of the directions and understand the difference between secondary roads and highways. One of the best things one could do is hire a GPS device which will safely guide you to your destination.

As is the case with some foreign countries, we  recommend that  you travel with your lights on at all times. While the law does not require this, it is a sure way of reducing the number of accident.

Even more important is the need for you to familiarise with your vehicle before you drive off. Know how to open the boot (trunk) and the bonnet (hood) and where the tools are for changing the wheel in the event of a flat tyre.

It is likely  that  drivers will at some point, take a wrong turn. Don’t despair!  Go with the flow until such time when you can find a place to pull over and determine the correct path; but don’t do a U turn on the highway or reverse until you get the off route you should have taken.


Obeying the law in South Africa

Generally the road rules are fairly easy to follow but inevitably you could be pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

In South Africa, two of the more common speed limits are 60 kph and 120 kph – the former being applicable in built up areas while the latter is for travelling on our highways and  main roads. Please be aware of all sign post and obey the speed limits.

Since theft – from  vehicle and of  vehicle – is possibility anywhere in the world. For your safety, be sure to park your vehicle in a busy area. Mke sure to lock valuables away in the boot before leaving your car and be aware of on-lookers!

South Africa has some of the best scenic drives and roads in  the world. We sincerely hope you will not only enjoy a number of the scenic adventures but that the activities and experiences that South Africa has to offer.

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