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Dig beneath the surface and make every journey a classic.
When you develop a civilisation over thousands of years, you create so much to be explored. Spread it all out across the warm Aegean Sea and the task becomes almost Herculean.

Thanks to our strategically placed locations, you can smooth your progress, both on and off the islands, with Avis car rental services.

Avis car rental in Greece
Whether you’re touring the mainland or island hopping in the Aegean, we can make your journey a pleasure, not an odyssey, with a wide range of car hire options. Book your hire car using the booking panel to the right of this page. Choose from compact runabouts - ideal for the major cities and some island destinations - saloons, people carriers and SUVs.

You’ll find the same familiar services we offer at our locations around the world: Avis Preferred, out-of-hours return and breakdown assistance. You can also add some useful options, such as child seats and satellite navigation.

Popular Avis Airport Stations in Greece

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Popular Island Locations in Greece

Below are the most searched Avis locations in Greece. If you do not see the correct location for you, please use the search bar at the top of the page to locate the most convient Avis location for your hire car.

Get to know Greece with Avis.
Ancient & Modern Greece
Like a shattered mosaic, this maritime nation is strewn across the map, its islands adding up to a fascinating whole that’s so much more than the sum of its parts. Arcing round from the Balkans and across hundreds of different islands, you could literally spend a lifetime exploring it all.
Although we all have our own image when Greece comes to mind, the reality of this country is surprisingly diverse and always richly rewarding. Both stoic and hedonistic, it spans a huge range of attractions, from the fabled sites of Hellenic antiquity to iconic party resorts.
Joining it all together are two fundamental elements: the warmth of the Greek people, their culture and cuisine, and the deep azure waters of the Aegean. 

In the driving seat with our car hire
Driving really is the best way to really explore this country. The national road network has improved enormously in recent years and there are new multi-lane motorways linking all the major destinations on the mainland. The majority of signs are transliterated in the Latin alphabet and even when you get off the beaten track, the roads are usually well marked.
While the country has yet to develop a real ‘themed route’ culture, there are plenty of destinations for you to dream up your own. The Peloponnese is the perfect road trip region, as are Crete, Corfu and, using your hire car and ferries, several of the other island groups. In some places, you have the option of swapping your Avis rental car between islands.
The Mainland
The Greek mainland forms a relatively narrow arc from East Macedonia and Thrace in the northeast to the Peloponnese in the south. As a result, it’s easy to plan your itinerary with only minimal detours en route. Nevertheless, you’ll need plenty of time, and many more trips, to really explore this country.


Starting in Athens, you’re duty bound to pay your respects at the Acropolis. Of course, there are many other fascinating attractions, both ancient and modern, in the bustling city below. Don’t miss the Epidaurus Festival, an annual musical, theatrical and cultural event which usually takes place in the summer.
Heading out into the Peloponnese, the land of legends, the main destinations include Corinth, Nafplio, the ruins of ancient Sparta and the sanctuary at Olympia, spiritual home of the Olympic Games. 


Return to the mainland and make for ancient Delphi, home of the famous Oracle. To the north is Meteora and its pillar-top monasteries, the School of Aristotle at Naousa and Greece’s second city and hipster capital, Thessaloniki. The Dimitria festival of performing arts and exhibitions takes place in the autumn/winter and is named after the patron saint of the city, St. Demetrius.
The Islands
Numbering around 1400, only 227 Greek islands are currently inhabited. The largest, Crete, is more like a small country full of fascinating destinations and natural diversity. Hosting a quarter of the country’s tourists, it has many well-worn paths but still holds many secrets.

The Cyclades
The Cyclades, between Athens and Crete, are scattered in the sea like brilliant white shards from the archetypal celebratory tableware. You’ll see blue-domed churches amid whitewashed cubist houses, savour the aroma of the olive groves and herbs, and, of course, party like there’s no tomorrow.

The Dodecanese
The Dodecanese sparkle in the east within sight of the coast of Turkey. Italian until 1947 and somewhat aloof, they blend mountain, pasture and that incredible aquamarine sea.
Avis Road Rules - Greece Take a look at the Greek Driving Regulations
We have put together the rules of the Road of Europe and North America. Avis Road Rules gives you an overview of country regulations when driving abroad. We have covered key information like speed limits, child safety laws and emergency contact numbers.
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