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Preveza Airport is both the gateway to the Preveza region in Greece’s north-west, as well as the island of Lefkada. Make your way to the Avis car hire desk at the airport and pick up your vehicle to journey through this stunning area.

Plan your journey from Preveza Airport

The city of Preveza is easily reached by car in less than 20 minutes from Preveza Airport, and offers a wealth of sights to uncover.

The main attraction of Preveza is the archaeological site of Nicopolis, which lies 8km north of the city. This ancient metropolis was founded by a Roman Emperor in 31BC to commemorate a military victory, and the city flourished in the Roman and Byzantine ages. Artefacts displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis include marble statues and portraits dating from the 1st century BC.

The Preveza prefecture is also well known for its long stretch of pristine beaches, many of which are just a stone’s throw from the city. Monolithi is one of the most visited beaches in the region and just 8km away from Preveza. The bay is flanked by dense forest, which you can go on short hikes through after a dip in the ocean. If you would prefer to relax on the beach all day, you can take advantage of the refreshment booths located right on the sand. Alternatively, Lichnos Beach is 3km from Preveza and has rocky caves and winding creeks waiting to be explored.

Beyond Preveza Airport

With your Avis car hire, you can drive around the Preveza region and to Lefkada island as well – all in under two hours.


For history buffs, Mesopotamos, in the north of the Preveza region, is a must-visit destination famed for its associations with mythology. It’s here that the ancient site of the Nekromantio is located – a place that was constructed by the Ancient Greeks as a gate to the underworld. It’s said that this is where souls presented themselves to the Gods who would decide their fates. Mesopotamos is also home to Ephyra, a site that was inhabited by a Mycenaean colony from the 14th century BC, and was written about by Homer. At 47km from Preveza Airport, Mesopotamos is easily accessible by car.


You don’t need to board a ferry to get to a beautiful Ionian island – just drive across the causeway from Preveza Airport and you’ll arrive in Lefkada Town in 20 minutes. Lefkada is principally a beach destination and Porto Katsiki has to be one of the most famous beaches. Located 40km from the town of Lefkada, this idyllic beach is best reached by car. Atop the overlooking cliffs is a car park and from there you descend 80 steps down to the golden sand, lapped by perfectly clear water.

Preveza and Lefkada are waiting to be explored in your Avis hire car.