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  • Over 60 years’ experience in USA car rental

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  • Options like GPS, child seats and one-way car hire

  • Small, luxury, family, sports car and convertible car hire

  • 24 hour, weekend, weekly or monthly car hire in the USA

Popular Avis car hire USA Airport Locations

We have listed the top searched and visited Avis car hire Airport location pages. The rental location pages below, give you great information about each locations opening times, closed dates, location information, services available, directions, contact information and more.

Popular Avis USA City Locations

We have listed the most searched and visited downtown and city Avis car rental locations for you to browse. Each location page will have helpful tips about the city or locations, information about what Avis car hire locations we have there.

One-Way Car Hire USA

Our coverage means you can enjoy one-way car hire USA-style in a convertible, SUV or regular car of any size. Just choose the pick-up and drop off destinations when getting your quote and the one-way car hire fee will be added to the quote.

Car Rental & USA tips

The USA is a huge country to explore. It has a mixture of densely-populated urban areas with wide areas of low population and incredible natural beauty. Whether you're looking to soak up the glitz of Las Vegas, the glamour of Hollywood, the unforgettable skyline of Manhattan or the spectacular scenery of the Grand Canyon, hiring a car with Avis gives you the opportunity to explore the USA from coast to coast.

The car was developed in America and it is a country addicted to the motor vehicle. Trains are limited and very infrequent, while Greyhound buses have a mixed reputation depending on who you talk to. If you intend to travel in the US, and see the country as it arguably should be seen, a hire car is essential.

Driving in the USA is relatively easy and stress-free. Remember when driving in the USA to drive on the right hand side of the road. Speed limits are often lower than in the UK and vary greatly by state so be careful when travelling across many states. In cities traffic is slow moving and it’s easy to move between the several lanes of traffic that often occupy main roads.

There are no roundabouts in the USA and junctions are usually crossroads with traffic lights. Others indicate right of way in the form of stop signs, and the infamous four-way stop sign junctions require some civilised decision making – whoever reached the junction first gets to go first, and so on.Petrol (or ‘gas’) is cheap in the USA despite recent price rises and complaints from some Americans. Certainly by British standards filling up a tank is very cheap (although tanks and engine capacities tend to be higher than you may be used to in the UK). Diesel is almost non-existent.

Fore more information on car hire in the USA, the USA rental fleet, products, services, please visit our U.S site

Avis Road Rules Driving Regulations in the USA
We have put together the rules of the Road of Europe and North America. Avis Road Rules gives you an overview of country regulations when driving abroad. We have covered key information like speed limits, child safety laws and emergency contact numbers.
Avis Road Rules homepage
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