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Poland Avis car rental provides car hire in most cities and airports throughout Poland.

Poland provides unforgettable experiences for tourists with even the most diverse interests.

Let Avis drive you around the hotspots this summer in Poland.


Avis Guide to Polish Cities


Poland's capital city is located in the heart of Poland, a large cosmopolitan city with historic buildings and feel. Visit the Old Town, which holds a  unique history and a hub for summer activity such as musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries.

Łazienki Królewskie Park-Palace Complex
This 17th century Park and Palace is truly stunning. With beautiful gardens and architectural monuments, its a must when visiting the town of Warsaw.

National Museum
To get away from the football noise, visit the National Museum and experience a range of art. A World War II building that was used to Royal Treasures. There are many temporary exhibitions from all over the world, not to mention the history of the Polish Military.

Warsaw, Poland - Avis UK

Warsaw Zoo
Opened in 1928, the zoo is now home to several thousand animals. Some of the most popular animals in the park are the Elephant exhibit, Hippo house and Shark Aquarium as welll as the Brown Bears.



A city with a perfect mixture of gothic and baroque architecture. Nicknamed, "the Venice of Poland". Wroclaw is located in the south west region of Poland. A fresh, vibrant city full of culture and academia. Perfectly located next to the River Odra with fantastic bridges and promenades along the riverbanks.

Old Market Square
Famous for its beautiful Town hall which holds much history and Gothic and Renaissance features, the Old Market Square is surrounded by restaurants on all sides.

Ostrow Tumski
Know as the Cathedral Island, Ostrow Tumski is the largest of the Islands located within the Oder River. Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest settlements date back to the 7th century and an important diocese established here more than 1,000 years ago.

Wroclaw, Poland - Avis UK

The Wroclaw Cathedral
The Wroclaw Cathedral is one of the city's most famous landmarks, known as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was Wroclaws very first brick building to built and dates back to the 13th century. Much of the cathedral was rebuilt following considerable damage by the Red Army in the mid-1940s. Look out for the huge pipe organ, which is the biggest of its kind in Poland.



Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The city surrounded by picturesque countryside with many lakes and forests. Some of its main tourist attractions while visiting are:

Pobiedziska Miniature Museum
The museum displays miniature models of historic structures from the region of Wielkopolska. The models are 1:20 scale. The museum is open 7 days a week, all year round, including holidays.

Wielkopolski National Park
Wielkopolski National Park is one of the most attractive tourist destinations near Poznan. The Park has five tourist trails. It features post glacial landscape, 32 monument trees and many historical monuments. The wooden church in Lodz dates back to the 17th century. Visitors can also see historical manors and ruins of the castle on Lake Goreckie.

Poznan, Poland - Avis UK


One of the most important port cities in Eastern Europe, Gdansk is located on the Baltic Sea coast, in northern Poland. The feel of the city is un-Polish, due to the centuries of rich merchants shaping the city through archetecture.

Famous for the start of WWII and also, the Solidarity movement.

Royal Way
The Royal Way is the route that Polish Kings traditionally travelled and paraded during their visits to Gdansk.

Gdansk Old Town, attracts as many tourist as Krakow and Warsaw.

It has close links with Sopot Spa Resort and Gdynia, a very important sea port close by. Together, these locations form the Tricity.
Gdansk, Poland - Avis UK

Avis Great Drive Guide for Poland

At Avis we know being on the open road through picturesque scenery is one of the sweeter things in life, which is why we have created Great Drive guides. The guides will take you on a journey through some of the best driving holidays in Europe.

What you can find in the Great Drive Guides
The Great Drives guide is more than just a map, it's a visual representation of your drive. The handy map plots your route, and highlights the high points of the route. The high points or otherwise known as places of interest, gives you a flavour of what to expect at each destination.

They consist of anything from breathtaking scenery to hikes and even some magnificent man made wonders. This is where you can stop and take in the beauty, or spend the night and enjoy all the benefits.

Kraklow - Poland Great Drive Guide
Beautiful scenery, intimate restaurants – and chocolate. Lots of it. Even if you haven’t got a sweet tooth, you’ll be bowled over by the Ardennes region – and it’s an incredibly compact and easy place to drive.Head south from Brussels for rolling hills, picture-postcard towns and grand country houses dripping with history. 
Download Poland Great Drive Guide

Avis Road Rules - Poland Take a look at the Polish Driving Regulations
We have put together the rules of the Road of Europe and North America. Avis Road Rules gives you an overview of country regulations when driving abroad. We have covered key information like speed limits, child safety laws and emergency contact numbers.
Avis Road Rules homepage

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