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Tower of Belem - Lisbon - Avis Car Hire, Portugal When you hire a car you get the freedom to explore the magical treasures of pretty Portugal.

Portugal is one of the most popular car rental destinations. Take a look at our international car hire and travel infographic to find out more!
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We have listed the top searched and visited Portuguese Avis location Airport pages. The location pages give you great information about opening times, closed dates, location information, services available, directions, contact information and more.
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We have listed the most searched and visited downtown and city Avis locations for you to browse. Each location page will have helpful tips about the city or locations, information about what Avis locations are available, don't forget to use the search bar.
Download the FREE Great Drive Guides to Portugal
At Avis we know being on the open road through picturesque scenery is one of the sweeter things in life, which is why we have created Great Drives Guides. The guides will take you on a journey through some of the best driving holidays in Europe. 

The Great Drives guide is more than just a map, it's a visual representation of your drive. The handy map plots your route, and highlights the high points of the route. The high points or otherwise known as places of interest, gives you a flavour of what to expect at each destination.

They will consist of anything from breathtaking scenery to hikes and even some magnificent man made wonders. This is where you can stop and take in the beauty, or spend the night and enjoy all the benefits.
Avis Great Drive Guide - Portugal
Pick up your hire car from Porto Airport and drive north along the A28 road to surf the unspoiled beaches around Vila do Conde, then head inland via Barcelos to the riverside town of Ponte de Lima to sample the unique vinho verde.
Download the Portugal Drive Guide
Avis Road Rules - Portugal Take a look at the Portuguese Driving Regulations
We have put together the rules of the Road of Europe and North America. Avis Road Rules gives you an overview of country regulations when driving abroad. We have covered key information like speed limits, child safety laws and emergency contact numbers.
Avis Road Rules homepage

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