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It’s said that Istanbul is the meeting point of the East and the West, where cultures collide and old meets new.

After landing at Atatürk International Airport, pick up your Avis rental car and set off to experience the diversity of this extraordinary region.

Plan your journey from Ataturk International Airport

Istanbul is a 30-minute drive from Atatürk International Airport along Kennedy Cd. The only country in the world that spans two continents, it’s the converging Asian and European influences that make Turkey so special – and nowhere could this be truer than in Istanbul. All around the city you’ll see remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

Ayasofya (also known as Hagia Sophia) tends to be the focal point of Istanbul. It started out as a Greek Orthodox cathedral and then turned into a mosque. Today it is a stunning museum. Süleymaniye Mosque is also not to be missed, showcasing imperial architecture and a beautifully constructed dome.

If you want to experience the city’s buzzing street life, head to the bazaars. The Grand Bazaar is the largest in Istanbul. Here you’ll have the chance to test your haggling skills. There’s also the Spice Bazaar, with an overwhelming selection of spices.

Explore the Topkapi and Dolmabahҫe palaces to see exemplary Ottoman architecture. Peruse the street food stalls, sampling bits of kebap and kӧfte, followed by some sweet baklava. Be sure to spend time along the Bosphorus strait – the famous boundary between Europe and Asia.

Discover the pleasures of Atatürk from the comfort of your Avis hire car.

Beyond Istanbul

Turkey has some unbelievable landscapes and historical attractions to discover on your road trip.


Hisarlik is the modern name for the ancient site of Troy – the legendary city of Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad. Driving here takes just 30 minutes along Kennedy Cd from Istanbul. According to Homer, this is where the Trojan War took place. It was founded in the 3rd millennium BC and is still undergoing excavations today. You can look around the ancient site and even watch archaeologists at work.

Princes’ Islands

When you’re ready to escape the city, drive for 90 minutes along the D100 out of Istanbul and you’ll reach the seaside gateway to the Princes’ Islands. This beautiful place used to be reserved for exiled princes and royalty, but nowadays it’s a popular resort area with lots of beaches. Victorian cottages sit next to five-star hotels. Seeing the Aya Yorgi church and monastery is a must.


Polonezköy is 50 minutes away from Istanbul along Polonezköy Yolu. This tiny village is a designated national park, but was originally established as a colony for Polish refugees. The sultan granted the Poles permission to build a village in the forests around Istanbul and many Polish people still live here. The area features rolling hills, charming Polish homes and a relaxed setting, making it ideal for a weekend getaway.

Turkey is a country well-worth exploring. Just get behind the wheel of your Avis rental car and drive.