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Everything electric: Why electric cars are the future

The benefits of driving electric cars

There are lots of positive reasons for choosing to drive an electric vehicle. Here’s our pick of the top three advantages of electric vehicles.

Lower emissions
Electric vehicles are cleaner: they do not emit CO2, nitrogen or other particles that pollute the air. A recent study by the European Federation for Transport and Environment showed electric cars emit up to three times less carbon dioxide than diesel or gasoline.

Lower costs
Wondering how much it costs to run an electric car? According to a study conducted by the Organisation of Consumers and Users of Spain, despite the curent price of electricity, recharging an electric car continues to be more economical at up to half the cost of refuelling a petrol car.

Easier to maintain
Electric car maintenance is easier and more economical than with traditional combustion engines. The mechanics of an electric car have fewer elements susceptible to wear and tear, which translates into up to 30% maintenance savings.*

* (Source: Peugeot in a comparison between the maintenance of a Peugeot e-208 with its petrol combustion counterpart.)

Why are electric cars cheaper to run than petrol and diesel vehicles?

The main reason that electric cars are easier and cheaper to maintain than petrol and diesel cars is down to the fact that they have fewer mechanical parts. As the mechanics are much simpler, there is less maintenance. With an electric vehicle, there are no oil changes, there is just a single-gear transmission so there is no clutch to maintain or repair.

Thanks to the single-gear transmission, and despite being heavier due to the inclusion of the battery, an electric car will always deliver full torque. This makes the car much more linear on the road with less wear and tear for the tyres.

Electric cars slow down more efficiently without using the braking system when you lift your foot off the accelerator. As a result, components such as brake pads and discs have less erosion and wear.

(Source: Motorpasion.com)

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Young Asian woman using smartphone to lock and unlock an electric car.

More reasons to get an electric car

Cleaner environment
With no exhaust pipe, electric vehicles emit no harmful gases and reduce local air pollution.

Reduced running costs
It costs £1.30 to drive 100 miles in an electric car compared to £11.05 in a petrol car according to the AA.

Free parking in city centres
In some countries, thanks to its Zero Emissions label, an electric vehicle can be parked in city centres for free and with no time limit. Also, electric vehicles can access restricted zones in some capitals and major cities, such as Paris, Madrid Central or Barcelona, even if anti-pollution protocols are activated.

Lower tolls
In some countries, highway tolls have special prices for zero-emission vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles can access high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes with only one occupant in the car.