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San Diego is a city of parks and beaches. There are more than 190 parks, 26 from which are based just on the coastline. In the combination with its warm climate, beautiful beaches and Latin American character it is no wonder that it draws millions of tourists every year. Among the main San Diego attractions are San Diego Zoo with its Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld, Balboa Park and many more.


In California, as well as in some other US states, Carpool signs are often a feature on many roads. If you see Carpool (or HOV) signs above a lane, it means that the lane can be used only by vehicles with 2 or more people in them (the minimal number is usually specified on the sign).

Avis car rental San Diego

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  • Over 60 years' experience in North America
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  • We offer GPS, convertible cars and one-way hire
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