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Three-Day Road Trip to Explore the Algarve from Faro

Explore Faro and the Algarve in under three days

Rent a car to discover whitewashed fishing villages and secluded beaches

Transformed in the 1960s, the sleepy southern coast of Portugal was once a hub of fishing towns. The region’s deep-rooted history has been shaped by everyone from seafaring North African Moors to Roman conquerors.


Favourable weather, unspoiled landscapes and charismatic towns are all part of the Algarve’s allure. Its windswept coastlines, isolated waterfalls and a checkerboard of islands deliver a truly unique experience for travellers.


Spend your time exploring an eclectic mix of archetypal towns and diverse vistas that continue to draw sun-seekers. Opt for car hire so you can access some of the Algarve’s best-kept secrets.

Car hire Faro
Historical buildings in old town of Lagos