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Birmingham Airport dining guide

4 of the best places to dine at Birmingham Airport

Fit in a quality snack or meal before flying from Birmingham

A long wait stretching ahead before a flight isn’t exactly a traveller’s dream. That scenario is made even worse when the dining options on offer are less than inspiring. Thankfully, passengers at Birmingham Airport are at least well catered for by restaurants where you can not just while away time, but do so with quality food.

The usual high-street cafes, fast food chains and on-the-go supermarket snacks are available. But with more gourmet dining options on the menu too, your airport dining experience can actually be memorable - for the right reasons.

Here we put the spotlight on a handful of the best. Whether you’ll be looking for a light breakfast ahead of a yawn-inducing early flight, a leisurely brunch where you can raise a glass to your soon-to-start holiday, or a family-friendly dinner that suits every member’s tastes, at least one of these food outlets will have you covered.

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