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The Hidden Villages of Mallorca

Hire a car and you’ll discover another side to this enchanting island.

Mallorca, the largest and arguably most beautiful of the Balearic Islands, has an enduring popularity. Drenched in sun for much of the year, the island is lush and green in the centre and sandy white on the coasts. Its steep hills and rugged terrain are beloved by hikers and cyclists, and its neo-Gothic cathedrals and convivial local restaurants are admired by all. 

But even an island like Mallorca, known so well and so widely, has its secrets. A revival of the island’s ancient traditions has been underway in recent years, prompted, in part, by its popular beach culture and nightlife.

The old country manor houses and fincas, long abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair, are undergoing a transformation into chic rural retreats. Even lesser known are Mallorca’s hidden villages, where life seems to move at a much slower pace than it does elsewhere on the island.

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The village of Deia