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Bertha Benz Memorial Route

Bertha Benz Memorial Route

This scenic route though the Baden region takes you back in time to the world’s first ever road trip, from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back. Bertha Benz was married to Carl Benz who invented the now iconic car, but at the time no-one wanted to buy it. So in August 1888, without telling her husband, she and their two sons took off on this landmark trip of around 100 kilometres to prove that the new 'horseless coach' was suitable for everyday use. It took them the whole day and most of the evening but was not in vain: the car subsequenlty became a huge success and is now driven by over a billion people today.

Today, you can follow the same route taken by Bertha Benz on a voyage through some of the highlights of Germany’s cultural heritage. Visit the famous asparagus and wine-growing regions of Baden and towns steeped in history such as Ladenburg and Bretten which boast some of Europe’s most notable noble residences.

Petrol heads and techies will be pleased to find out the route includes visits to the Mannheim Technoseum, the legendary Hockenheimring and the Dr Carl Benz Automuseum.

It goes without saying, but any wine stops detailed on this page are for the benefit of hire car passengers ... designated drivers must confine themselves to drinking in the scenery.