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Route of Emperors and Kings – the Danube

The Route of Emperors and Kings

The Route of Emperors and Kings is an epic road trip along the Danube from Regensburg in Bavaria to Budapest, through scenic landscapes, local attractions and historical sites. If you’re driving, it doesn’t get much better than the Passau to Vienna section; at 284 kilometres it’s tailor-made for a long weekend road trip and if time is on your side you can always ease back on the throttle and make a longer holiday out of it.

This route has it all, from baroque monasteries and palaces, medieval castles and ruins, to pretty towns that carry the weight of history. The driving connoisseur exits the Autobahn and enjoys the pure driving pleasure of country roads beside the Danube.

It goes without saying, but any wine stops detailed on this page are for the benefit of hire car passengers ... designated drivers must confine themselves to drinking in the scenery.