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Romantic Rhine River

Romantic Rhine – World Heritage Site and the stuff of legends

The Rhine – a river steeped in romance, myths and legends. Rheingold and the Ring of the Nibelung, the Loreley Rock, the folklore of medieval castles - it’s all there, carried on the currents past the impressive scenery.

Since the ancient Germanic tribes halted the advancing Romans on the east bank, “Father Rhine” and German history have been inseparably entwined. The Romans are gone but the challenges, such as mastering the curves on the 200-kilometre road trip from Mainz to Bonn, remain. Cruise through the iconic Rheingau and central Rhine wine regions where delicate white wines and local delicacies await you. It goes without saying though that indulging in the sumputuous wines are for passengers only; drivers can contend with drinking in the scenery.

Explore the outstanding and dramatic scenery of the Oberes Mittelrheintal, a designated UNESCO Heritage Site full of craggy castles and palaces perched above near-vertical sloping vineyards dropping towards the river.