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7-day Central Mongolia Adventure Tour

Forests. Mountains. Wild horses. Ancient monasteries. Endless sand dunes.

Central Mongolia Adventure Tour

6 Nights / 7 Days ... 1,800km

This adventure tour starts and ends in Ulaanbaatar. Taking you through the Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Arkhangai and Bulgan provinces, this tour allows you to travel through the beautiful Central Mongolian steppes as well as the historic sites of Chinggis Khaans Mongolian Empire. Along the way, you will see the rich and diverse nature and wildlife of Mongolia, including opportunities to take in dense green forests in the Khangai Mountains, wild horses in the Khustain National Park, the ancient Erden Zuu monastery, and the vast Khongor sand dunes – not to mention great lakes and hot springs.


Self Drive camping safari

High Season (01 June - 31 September): $900 per person 
Low Season (01 October - 31 May): $600 per person

  • Minimum 2 persons - 3rd and 4th members of group will receive a 20% discount
  • Children under 12 will receive a 70% discount
  • Early bookers (over 5 months in advance) will receive a 15% discount.
  • Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the trip.