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... with an Avis Jaguar rental

The advertising slogan ‘Grace Space Pace’ was coined in the 1950s to promote Jaguar’s stylish, luxurious and exciting cars. It’s been hailed as one of the most inspirational car slogans of all time and it still succinctly defines Jaguar’s current range, many of which are available to rent with Avis.

Although those three words are still very apt, 60 or so years later they no longer fully encapsulate where the Jaguar brand is today. Ideally, a present-day slogan would also convey reliability, economy, safety and state-of-the-art technology, though making all that rhyme with ‘ace’ would be another matter.

Avis has a wide variety of Jaguar models for hire, which only leaves you to decide how much grace, space, pace and the rest you require.