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Experience Porsche car hire with Avis

And forever etch a journey into your memory.

What springs to mind when you think Porsche? The legendary 911 most probably, as it’s the most iconic sports car of all time. However, Porsche’s versatile and luxurious SUV, the Cayenne, may be more up your street. Discover for yourself when you rent a Porsche from the Avis fleet. 

For more than half a century the Porsche 911’s endearing shape has gently evolved, but to this day it still stays true to the very first 911 of 1963. The Cayenne 4x4 first appeared in 2002 and, despite initial whispers of discontent from Porsche sports car purists, it has since proved to be the saviour of the illustrious Porsche brand.

Whichever Porsche you choose you will instantly appreciate its outstanding performance, handling and braking. With a Porsche you know your car rental will be memorable for all the right reasons. Period.