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  • Smiddy Farm Shop
  • Made In Stirling
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  • Holala! Vintage store in Barcelona
  • Syra Coffee in Barcelona
  • La Monroe tapas in Barcelona
  • Making the best Pastel de Nata
  • Tasting the best Pastel de Nata
  • Cascais Food Diary Road Trip
  • Faro City Guide
  • The Algarve Road Trip - Day One
  • The Algarve Road Trip - Day Two
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Our contributors

Our team of contributors are some of the UK's finest travel writers, with tips and recommendations from every continent on earth.

  • Annierose Knox
    An Edinburgh dweller, Annierose Knox is a Content Editor at VisitScotland.  When she’s not writing about Scotland, she’s likely to be out…
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  • Macca Sherifi
    Macca Sherifi is one of the UK’s top travel bloggers, as well as being a popular photographer and presenter. Along with his…
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  • Abigail King
    Abigail King publishes the award-winning Inside the Travel Lab, a blog that focuses on thoughtful luxury travel through the eyes of a…
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  • Ben Lerwill
    Ben Lerwill is a freelance writer on a constant mission to find the ideal work-life balance. Ben is based in a small…
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  • Lucy Dodsworth
    Lucy is a travel blogger On the Luce, exploring the UK, Europe and beyond from her home base in the Cotswolds. Her…
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  • Sonja Bolger
    Sonja is a travel blogger originally from New Zealand. She started her travel adventures with family at a young age, before embarking…
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  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards is a food and travel blogger based in Wales. He has a passion for photography and filmmaking that he pursues…
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  • Sandra Henriques Gajjar
    Sandra Henriques Gajjar is a freelance web content writer born in the Azores and currently based in Lisbon. She also writes about…
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  • Jeff Paschke
    Jeff Paschke is an expat travel writer from the U.S, currently living in Medellín, Colombia - the “city of eternal spring”. He has lived…
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  • Lucy Ruthnum
    Lucy is a solo female adventure travel and lifestyle blogger, and founder of Absolutely Lucy. She has been travelling for over four…
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  • Bianca Ohannessian
    Bianca Ohannessian is a travel and fashion writer, based in London (most of the time). Bianca has written for various travel websites…
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  • Ben Holbrook
    Ben Holbrook is a British travel writer and blogger based in the sun-drenched Catalan capital of Barcelona. He first moved to the…
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  • Kathryn Burrington
    Kathryn is a travel photographer and writer sharing her passion for discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines through her blog, Travel With Kat.…
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  • Heather Richardson
    Heather Richardson is an award-winning, freelance travel writer - originally from Sheffield, UK. Having caught the travel bug before university, Heather has moved…
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  • Mizra Al Hosani
    Mizra Al Hosani, born in America, is a travel and lifestyle blogger who moved to the UAE as an expat and married…
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  • Chris Moss
    Chris Moss is a writer and journalist currently based in Devon, UK. He’s previously been travel and books editor for Time Out…
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  • Giulia Mulè
    Giulia Mulè is an Italian food and travel blogger at Mondomulia. Born in Rome, Giulia lived there until she was 25 years old.…
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  • Joanne Chen
    Originally from Taiwan, Joanne Chen is a music and travel blogger currently based in Shanghai. Joanne's also a professional musician. As a…
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  • Penny Alexander
    Penny Alexander is a freelance travel writer and multi-award winning family life and travel blogger. Penny has recently relocated to the Peak…
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  • Hannah Frances
    Hannah Frances is a travel writer and content strategist, based either in Liverpool or house-sitting in Italy. She studied for three years…
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  • Simon Heptinstall
    Simon Heptinstall is a former journalist and freelance writer based in Wiltshire. He’s an avid traveller with particular fondness for quirky cities,…
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  • Giulia Blocal
    Giulia Blocal is a professional blogger, copywriter, and digital communicator. Blocal is her travel blog featuring personal and unique stories from around…
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  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson is the lifestyle blogger and content creator behind the The Kentucky Gent. He is, as his blog suggests, from Kentucky,…
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  • Tamara Hinson
    Tamara Hinson is a freelance travel journalist from Surrey, UK. She’s an expert in off the beaten track travel, and constantly on…
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  • Fiona Flores Watson
    Fiona Flores Watson has been a journalist ever since she left university 25 years ago. She’s also tried her hand at being…
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  • Yolanda Zappaterra
    Yolanda Zappaterra is a writer, born in Wales to Italian parents. Her wanderlust was inevitable from an early age, brought on by…
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  • Natalie Kennedy
    Natalie Kennedy is a writer, blogger, and self-proclaimed gelato aficionado, based in Rome. She’s previously worked as a blog editor and as…
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  • A Cruising Couple
    Dan and Casey are the two loved-up adventurers behind award-winning travel blog A Cruising Couple. With Costa Rica as their current home…
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  • Anna Millar
    Anna Millar is a freelance writer and editor with 15 years of experience in the business. Based in Edinburgh, she has written…
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  • Chrissy Manika
    Chrissy Manika is a travel blogger and tourism professional based in Athens, Greece. She writes in both English and French for Travel Passionate,…
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  • Olivia Greenway
    Olivia Greenway is a London-based freelance travel writer. She’s happiest when writing about the local food and drink of cities she’s explored.…
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  • Larissa Olencioff
    Larissa Olencioff is a travel blogger, photographer, and Master of Europe (with an M.A in European Studies). Larissa splits her time between…
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  • Ginny Weeks
    Ginny Weeks is an experienced writer and editor obsessed with travel and motoring. Originally from Devon, UK, she’s now based in London but…
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  • Annie Andre
    Annie Andre, an American travel blogger, has lived in the south of France since 2011. Before moving to France, Annie worked in…
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  • Mary Novakovich
    Mary Novakovich is an award-winning travel journalist based in Hertfordshire, UK. She’s written for British newspapers including The Guardian, The Independent, and…
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  • Ibrahim Mustapha
    Ibrahim Mustapha is a multimedia journalist, editor and voiceover artist, based in London. He’s covered predominantly news and sport throughout his career…
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  • Susie Kearley
    Susie Kearley is a freelance writer and photographer, working for publications around the world. She covers an eclectic mix of stories on…
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  • Emily Norval
    Emily Norval is a London-based journalist covering a wide range of topics including fashion and retail. She also takes particular interest in…
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  • Suzanne Duckett
    Suzanne Duckett is a highly respected beauty, health, and wellbeing journalist. She is the editor of the Tatler Spa Guide, and a…
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