Abigail King

Abigail King publishes the award-winning Inside the Travel Lab, a blog that focuses on thoughtful luxury travel through the eyes of a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road.

She has worked with Lonely Planet, the BBC, National Geographic Traveller and more interviewing Japanese artists, Nagasaki bomb survivors and fans of Paddington Bear.

Inside the Travel Lab has been described as one of “the best in the world” by National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet and the BBC. It always strives to make readers travel more, read more and think more.

Always looking for new places to explore, Abi also likes Blackadder, mango chutney and marmite toast buttered just right.

Over on Instagram she strives to keep readers entertained, educated and amused. Every so often, she manages to pull it off!

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