Natalie Kennedy

Natalie Kennedy is a writer, blogger, and self-proclaimed gelato aficionado, based in Rome. She’s previously worked as a blog editor and as a nutritionist for the United Nations. Gelato wasn’t a recommendation!

Originally from the USA, Natalie’s move to Italy was always on the cards considering her love of Rome, food, and travel (in that order!) From Sicily to the Italian Alps, Italy has everything to offer Natalie. She’s currently writing a book about ice-cream which has taken her on a taste-testing tour of over 400 scoops.

Outside travelling, Natalie can be found hunting for retro furniture. Despite her love of Italy, her favourite restaurant remains Ramiro’s taco shack in San Diego, USA.

Her expert knowledge of Rome’s hidden gems was recently manifested in our ‘Rome’s unknown marvels’ quiz.

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