Olivia Greenway

Olivia Greenway is a London-based freelance travel writer. She’s happiest when writing about the local food and drink of cities she’s explored. Olivia also enjoys the peace and quiet of little-visited countries. On a recent trip to Nicaragua, she remembers only seeing two other people walking on the golden sands of the beach.

Olivia’s visited over 100 countries throughout her career. Recent work has taken her on a new train journey in Africa – a piece she wrote for The Daily Telegraph. She also regularly contributes to various magazines and websites.

Outside of her extensive travelling, Olivia’s a semi-professional chef. When she’s not jetting off around the world, you’re likely to find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen or spotting deer in Richmond Park, London.

Her favourite restaurant experience? Sitting at a small table overlooking the sea at the Eden Roc in the Excelsior in Rapallo, listening to the sea crash below. Exquisite.

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