Simon Heptinstall

Simon Heptinstall is a former journalist and freelance writer based in Wiltshire. He’s an avid traveller with particular fondness for quirky cities, mountains, and rural communities. On the flipside, you won’t catch him posing next to a famous landmark or lounging on a popular beach resort. Simon’s writing has taken him all over the world. He’s happiest when writing up one of his barmy adventures. He continues to dream of a road trip around Japan.

Travel writing isn’t the only creative outlet this former taxi driver enjoys as he can often be seen shredding on the guitar. Driving is one of Simon’s passions that shines through his writing. Amazingly, he once broke the world record for most countries driven to in one day which stood at 12.

His favourite restaurant in the world? Scarista House on the Isle of Harris – check it out.

His writing for Inspires by Avis includes winding road trips, and travelling to Svalbard on the edge of the world.

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