Gadgets to keep the kids entertained on long road trips

Road trips are exciting adventures that can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, when it comes to travelling with kids, there’s little we can do about those inevitable ‘are we there yet’ moments.

If you’ve chosen Avis as your car hire provider for your upcoming road trip, rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

As you embark on your next road trip, take a look at these fantastic gadgets guaranteed to keep boredom at bay, even on the longest of road trips.

John Lewis Children’s Electronic Keyboard, £18.

This colourful keyboard is perfect for long journeys, thanks to its two carry handles and compact size.

With 37 keys and a large selection of built-in rhythms and demo songs, it’s ideal for musically-minded road-trippers.

The best bit for parents? It can be used with headphones, which will come as a relief when your little one treats you to their tenth rendition of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’

Bush 12 Inch Portable In – Car DVD Player, £79.99.

In the digital age, look no further than this Despicable Me themed DVD player to keep the children entertained over long distances.

It’s sturdy and splash-proof, and the rotating screen means your passengers can watch their favourite shows with friends. Another bonus is the headphone jack which allows you to carry on your conversation in the front without being overwhelmed by Peppa Pig!

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Batman Junior Headphones, £15.

The wrong headphones can often ruin a journey of any distance and will quickly be ditched.

It’s worth investing in a decent pair of children’s headphones as they embark on what may well be their first road trip. These Batman-themed ones have soft cups and a flexible headband, and can also be used as ear protectors.

The only downside? They don’t come in adult sizes!

Anker PowerCore portable charger, £12.99.

Running out of petrol is often considered the worst case scenario on a road trip or long distance car journey.

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Some, however, would argue that it’s actually running out of battery life for your passengers’ app-enabled iPhones or tablets. The Anker PowerCore is a lipstick-sized charger that will quickly bring smartphones and tablets back to life, keeping them going until you reach your next destination.

RSPB Children’s Binoculars, £27.99.

Keep your kids entertained as they stare out of the car windows in search of new sights and fascination with the perfect pair of binoculars.

This child-friendly set will transform outdoor scenery into exciting landscapes full of hidden treasures. At the same time, binoculars will encourage passengers to connect with the wonderful settings you pass through on your road trip, that otherwise may be missed.

Tetris Dual, £15.00.

A modern, travel-friendly update on a much loved classic, Tetris Dual is perfect for long journeys.

As with the original, an electronic display selects the next piece to play and keeps score as the time ticks down. Players can choose to go it alone and beat the clock or take on opponents.

Colourful, large blocks make it great for smaller fingers, minimising the risk of losing pieces down the side of the car seat!

VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera, £44.40.

The VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera is destined to capture children’s imaginations.

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It has front and rear lenses and allows budding snappers to add various effects – including a wide range of stamps and frames. Other features include built-in games, a voice recorder, an auto-portrait feature, and even a Silly Face Detector!

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate, £129.99.

Packed with 1,000 games focusing on core skills, this robust tablet can be used both on and offline.

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Skills can be developed in mathematics, reading, science, music, and creativity as your road trip progresses – MENSA won’t be far away!

As well as having built-in parental controls, it tracks curricular progress and automatically adjusts learning levels to keep up with your child’s development.

Pod+ Water Filter Bottle, £19.99.

Keeping kids hydrated can be tricky. If you’re in a location where water quality isn’t guaranteed, the situation can become even more stressful for parents.

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Luckily, the Pod+ is here to help. Available in a wide range of child-friendly colours and designed with an ultra-comfortable mouthpiece, this bottle filters both tap and river water.

It’s also leak-proof! Music to the ears of parents who have experienced backseat spills on a long, hot car journey.

These gadgets should help you plan for any upcoming road trip, especially if that trip is a long journey across countries or up and down the UK. If you’re having trouble tracking down any of these items, consider using our brand new Avis concierge service for an extra layer of support.

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